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ChangeTip Bot

ChangeTip is a micropayment infrastructure for the web, enabling tips to be sent over social media. This code allows users to tip eachother with, using chat

Once a user authorizes their account on ChangeTip, the bot will join their channel and allow tipping in their chat.


Type !changetip at the beginning of a message, then mention a @username and an amount (or leave out @username to tip the channel owner directly).


!changetip Nice win! Have a $5 donation!
!changetip Give @Kappa a high five for that close match!

Running on your own machine

Installing dependencies

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Environment Variables

You must set the following environment variables to run the bot:


To get an API key, contact


This should be your bot's username on


Your bot's access token, required to connect to Twitch irc.

You can acquire one easily for development by using the Third Party Twitch Chat Password Generator app

Or you can set up a Twitch app in your account settings and make a request to the following url (with your Twitch app's info in place of the bracketed text)[your client ID]&redirect_uri=[your registered redirect URI]&scope=chat_login For more information read Twitch's authentication documentation.

Once you have this access token it will not expire unless you generate a new access token.