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Create a Changelog site of your Product

Sample Screen


Setup Guide

Quick Setup

  1. Fork the project Changelog
  2. Edit _config.yml with your data (check settings section)
  3. Connect to the domain with Netlify.

Publish Post

  1. Create new file under _posts folder
  2. File Name should be like (See This file for referance )
  3. Add the post content like this:
title:  "Welcome to Changelog"
category: New
We have just launched this website. You will see our product's future updates here.
1. Subscribe our email.
2. Watch on Github (If you are developer)
3. Subscribe our [RSS feed](/feed.xml).
  1. Commit new file.


  • Disqus Comment: What users think about the new feature? Let theme Discuss in the comment

  • Custom Domain: Don't compromise with your brand identity. Use your branded domain or subdomain.

  • Watch on Github: Developers can watch your changelog directly in their Github account.

  • RSS Feed: Let your user get new features in their favorite feed reader.

  • Google Analytics: Add Google Analytics with gtag.js

  • Markdown Support: It's easy to write change log in markdown.

  • Add Team Members: Host on Github and Invite team members if you want.

  • SSL Support: We recommend using Netlify to server your changelog. Netlify takes care of SSL.

  • Hosted on Github: Our Repository is hosted on Github. Just fork it.

  • Admin: Netlify CMS Powered Admin to release new features.

If you face any issue in the setup. Email me at and I will help you to setup.

Are you releasing a major version?

Launch at BetaPage


Open an Issue

Contact me for sponsorship


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


Jekyll powered static site to host your product's changelog. Demo -





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