adds several commands to x64dbg for dumping PE header information by address.
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PE Header Dump Utilities

Added commands

  • pedumpPEHeader
  • pedumpDOSHeader
  • pedumpNTHeaders
  • pedumpFileHeader
  • pedumpOptionalHeader
  • pedumpDataDirectories
  • pedumpSections


Each command has the following syntax:

command [Base Address]

If a base address is not specified, then the command will calculate a base address using the selected address in the disassembly view. If the selected address is in a module, then the module's base address is used. If the selected address is not in a module, then the memory region's base address is used.

e.g. if you are viewing kernel32.dll's .text section in the disassembly view, then executing the pedumpPEHeader command will dump the entire pe header for kernel32.


  • Magic numbers, signatures, flags, and misc. constants converted to strings.
  • RVA-to-VA translations.
  • Page-aligned size values.
  • Readable time date stamp


A post-build event requires two environment variables, "X64DBG_PATH" and "X32DBG_PATH", to be defined to their respective install directories.

Sample output

See sample_output.txt