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@@ -30,6 +30,17 @@ <h2 id="go1.11">go1.11 (released 2018/08/24)</h2>
Read the <a href="/doc/go1.11">Go 1.11 Release Notes</a> for more information.

<h3 id="go1.11.minor">Minor revisions</h3>

go1.11.1 (released 2018/10/01) includes fixes to the compiler, documentation, go
command, runtime, and the <code>crypto/x509</code>, <code>encoding/json</code>,
<code>go/types</code>, <code>net</code>, <code>net/http</code>, and
<code>reflect</code> packages.
See the <a href="">Go
1.11.1 milestone</a> on our issue tracker for details.

<h2 id="go1.10">go1.10 (released 2018/02/16)</h2>


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