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A small, usable configuration for ZSH. It enables all the awesomeness of ZSH with small and tidy config.


git clone --recursive ~/.slimzsh

Add following to ~/.zshrc

source "$HOME/.slimzsh/slim.zsh"


Slimzsh has:

  • beautiful pure as a shell prompt
  • syntax highlighting
  • tab completion for commands and args (with switching menu and help)

alt text alt text


I highly recommend using fasd. Slimzsh will automatically detect it if you have it installed.

Then you'll be able to search inline for the best matching file like here:

alt text

and so much more!

Local modifications

  1. if you want to add custom aliases, create ~/.slimzsh/aliases.zsh.local file and put them there - this file will be automatically sourced.


The theme used in screenshots: Tomorrow Night Eighties with the Ubuntu Mono 15pt font.