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" Vim syntax file
" Language: tpp - Text Presentation Program
" Maintainer: Gerfried Fuchs <>
" Filenames: *.tpp
" Last Change: 24. February 2005
" URL:
" License: BSD
" Comments are very welcome - but please make sure that you are commenting on
" the latest version of this file.
" SPAM is _NOT_ welcome - be ready to be reported!
" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
if version < 600
syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
if !exists("main_syntax")
let main_syntax = 'tpp'
"" list of the legal switches/options
syn match tppAbstractOptionKey contained "^--\%(author\|title\|date\|footer\) *" nextgroup=tppString
syn match tppPageLocalOptionKey contained "^--\%(heading\|center\|right\|huge\|sethugefont\|exec\) *" nextgroup=tppString
syn match tppPageLocalSwitchKey contained "^--\%(horline\|-\|\%(begin\|end\)\%(\%(shell\)\?output\|slide\%(left\|right\|top\|bottom\)\)\|\%(bold\|rev\|ul\)\%(on\|off\)\|withborder\)"
syn match tppNewPageOptionKey contained "^--newpage *" nextgroup=tppString
syn match tppColorOptionKey contained "^--\%(\%(bg\|fg\)\?color\) *"
syn match tppTimeOptionKey contained "^--sleep *"
syn match tppString contained ".*"
syn match tppColor contained "\%(white\|yellow\|red\|green\|blue\|cyan\|magenta\|black\|default\)"
syn match tppTime contained "\d\+"
syn region tppPageLocalSwitch start="^--" end="$" contains=tppPageLocalSwitchKey oneline
syn region tppColorOption start="^--\%(\%(bg\|fg\)\?color\)" end="$" contains=tppColorOptionKey,tppColor oneline
syn region tppTimeOption start="^--sleep" end="$" contains=tppTimeOptionKey,tppTime oneline
syn region tppNewPageOption start="^--newpage" end="$" contains=tppNewPageOptionKey oneline
syn region tppPageLocalOption start="^--\%(heading\|center\|right\|huge\|sethugefont\|exec\)" end="$" contains=tppPageLocalOptionKey oneline
syn region tppAbstractOption start="^--\%(author\|title\|date\|footer\)" end="$" contains=tppAbstractOptionKey oneline
if main_syntax != 'sh'
" shell command
if version < 600
syn include @tppShExec <sfile>:p:h/sh.vim
syn include @tppShExec syntax/sh.vim
unlet b:current_syntax
syn region shExec matchgroup=tppPageLocalOptionKey start='^--exec *' keepend end='$' contains=@tppShExec
syn match tppComment "^--##.*$"
" Define the default highlighting.
" For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
" For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
if version >= 508 || !exists("did_tpp_syn_inits")
if version < 508
let did_tpp_syn_inits = 1
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
HiLink tppAbstractOptionKey Special
HiLink tppPageLocalOptionKey Keyword
HiLink tppPageLocalSwitchKey Keyword
HiLink tppColorOptionKey Keyword
HiLink tppTimeOptionKey Comment
HiLink tppNewPageOptionKey PreProc
HiLink tppString String
HiLink tppColor String
HiLink tppTime Number
HiLink tppComment Comment
HiLink tppAbstractOption Error
HiLink tppPageLocalOption Error
HiLink tppPageLocalSwitch Error
HiLink tppColorOption Error
HiLink tppNewPageOption Error
HiLink tppTimeOption Error
delcommand HiLink
let b:current_syntax = "tpp"
" vim: ts=8 sw=2