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Hanzi Writer Wechat Miniprogram Plugin (微信小程序组件)

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This miniprogram plugin is no longer maintained. The last version can be installed with npm install hanzi-writer-miniprogram@beta.

This component can be used in a Wechat miniprogram to add Hanzi Writer for character stroke animations and quizzing.


npm install hanzi-writer-miniprogram


In your page.json, first add the following to enable the hanzi-writer-view component:

  "usingComponents": {
    "hanzi-writer-view": "hanzi-writer-miniprogram/hanzi-writer-view"

Then, add a hanzi-writer-view component to your page. You must add an id, width, and height, like below:

<hanzi-writer-view id="hz-writer" width="300" height="300" />

Then in your page, you can control the view via createHanziWriterContext(options), like below:

import createHanziWriterContext from 'hanzi-writer-miniprogram';

  onLoad: function() {
    this.writerCtx = createHanziWriterContext({
      id: 'hz-writer',
      character: '你',
      page: this,

    // You can call any normal HanziWriter method here

This method requires the id from the hanzi-writer-view component in wxml, and the current page.

By default, character data is loaded from the hanzi-writer CDN, so you'll need to add to your list of approved domain names. Otherwise, you can provide your own charDataLoader function and load character data however you like. You can read more about loading character data here.

You can also pass any other normal Hanzi Writer options to createHanziWriterContext, except for width and height which are set in the hanzi-writer-view component. You can see a full list of options here.

Further Documentations

For more info and docs on Hanzi Writer check out

Data source

The chinese character svg and stroke order data used by Hanzi Writer is derived from the Make me a Hanzi project with some slight tweaks. The data can be found in the Hanzi Writer Data repo. There's a visualizer for this data here.


Pull requests are welcome! If you would like to contribute code, you'll need to be able to build the project locally. After cloning the Hanzi Writer repo, you can get it set up by running:

yarn install


Hanzi Writer is released under an MIT license.

The Hanzi Writer data comes from the Make Me A Hanzi project, which extracted the data from fonts by Arphic Technology, a Taiwanese font forge that released their work under a permissive license in 1999. You can redistribute and/or modify this data under the terms of the Arphic Public License as published by Arphic Technology Co., Ltd. A copy of this license can be found in ARPHICPL.TXT.


Wechat Miniprogram plugin for Hanzi Writer (微信小程序组件)







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