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CryoProtect is a web server for classifying query protein sequence as being an antifreeze protein or non-antifreeze protein.


Before beginning, please make sure to install the following R packages: shiny, shinyjs and shinythemes, protr, seqinr, RWeka and markdown which can be performed by typing the following commands into an R environment:


Launching the application

To launch the application on your own computer, in an R environment, type the following:


In a few moments, the application should launch from your web browser.

Using the application

To use the application:

Step 1. Before starting, please wait until you see the following message in the Status/Output text box:

[1] "Server is ready for prediction."

Step 2. Paste your sequences in FASTA format into the text box or Upload your input FASTA files Step 3. The prediction results will appear in the Status/Output box. Users can also download the prediction results in CSV file format by clicking on the Download button.

Citing this work

If you find the CryoProtect web server useful, please cite:

Pratiwi R, Malik AA, Schaduangrat N, Prachayasittikul V, Wikberg JES, Nantasenamat C, Shoombuatong, W. CryoProtect: 
A web server for classifying antifreeze proteins from non-antifreeze proteins. Journal of Chemistry, (2016) Invited 
Manuscript Submitted as Revision.