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PHP Object Model Manager for Postgresql

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POMM: The PHP Object Model Manager for Postgresql

This branch is in relase candidate. It will be noted as stable soon. Please report any bugs. This will be the last version of Pomm 1.x, the coming Pomm 2.0 is the next generation of Pomm Model Manager.

What is Pomm ?

Pomm is an open source Postgresql access framework for PHP. It is not an ORM, it is an Object Model Manager. Pomm offers an alternative approach than ORM to using database in object oriented web developments. Read more here.

Pomm devel works with PHP 5.4 and Postgresql 9.0 and above.

You can reach

How to install Pomm ?

The easy way: composer

Using composer installer and autoloader is probably the easiest way to install Pomm and get it running. What you need is just a composer.json file in the root directory of your project:

"require": {
    "pomm/pomm": "master-dev"

Invoking composer.phar will automagically download Pomm, install it in a vendor directory and set up the according autoloader.

Using Pomm with a PHP framework

With Silex, it is possible to bootstrap a kitchen sink using this gist <>, in an empty directory just issue the command:

wget -O - '' | bash

And follow the instructions.

How to contribute to Pomm ?

That's very easy with github:

  • Send feedback to @PommProject on twitter or by mail at <hubert DOT greg AT gmail DOT com>
  • Report bugs (very appreciated)
  • Fork and PR (very very appreciated)
  • Send vacuum tubes to the author (actual preferred are russians 6Φ12Π, 6Ж43Π, 6Ж38Π, 6C19Π)

Running tests

psql -c 'CREATE DATABASE pomm_test' -U postgres -h
psql -c 'CREATE EXTENSION hstore' -U postgres -h pomm_test
psql -c 'CREATE EXTENSION ltree' -U postgres -h pomm_test

phpunit --configuration tests/phpunit.travis.xml
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