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Awesome Myanmar Projects and Resources
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List of resources for Myanmar.



Name Language License Description
myanmar-tools C++, Java, and JavaScript Detect the Zawgyi-One font encoding in C++, Java, and JavaScript

Myanmar NLP


Name Language License Description
Myanmar Parser Java, C++, C, Shell
Syllable-Break C# Myanmar word syllable break
sylbreak Shell, Python Apache License V2 Syllable segmentation tool for Myanmar language (Burmese) by Ye.
myPOS Shell, Python myPOS (Myanmar Part-of-Speech) Corpus for Myanmar NLP Research and Developments
MyanmarParser-Py Python LGPL Burmese (Myanmar) syllable level segmentation with regex.
MyanmarParser-C C LGPL A C implementation to break down (currently only) Burmese syllable
myanmar-tokenizer A Rule-based Syllable Segmentation of Myanmar Text
ReSegment Python
Myanmar Text Breaker JavaScript MIT Syllable and word, breaker/boundary-segmentation for Myanmar text in JavaScript
Zawgyi-Segmentation Objective-C
Myanmar Word Segmentation Tool Python MIT Word segmentation tool for Myanmar sentence. Demo
Myanmar Collation Stats Java Myanmar lexicon analyzer - Sorting and Segmentation

Text Processing

Name Language License Description
Python-Myanmar Python MIT Python library for Myanmar text processing, such as syllabification, romanization, encoding conversion, etc.


Name Language License Description
myanmar-sort JavaScript Big module for NodeJS to sort any Myanmar/Burmese tex
Myanmar-Sorting Java Myanmar text sort using ICU library.

Myanmar Speech

Name Language License Description
Spectrograms-of-Myanmar-Speech - MIT Myanmar consonant and vowel audio files that I recorded at University of Computer Studies Banmaw
myG2P Perl Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) Myanmar (Burmese) Language Grapheme to Phoneme (myG2P) Conversion Dictionary for speech recognition (ASR) and speech synthesis (TTS).



Name Language License Description
React Myanmar Text JavaScript MIT A small react component library to solve the complex myanmar font problem.



Name Language License Description
Myanmar Calendar Javascript
Myanmar Calendar & Algorithm Java Library MIT Myanmar Calendar library for Android and Java applications.


Name Language License Description
EN-MM-Geology-Dictionary Android English To Myanmar Mobile Geology Dictionary


Name Language License Description
Myanmar-NRC-Parser Java Myanmar National Registration Card's Parser

Phone Number

Name Language License Description
Myanmar-Phone-Number Java Myanmar Mobile Phone Numbers Validator Check Telecom Operator's name Sanitize mobile numbers and mobile network types.
mm_phonenumber_swift Swift Swift port of to check valid myanmar mobile numbers, get mobile operator's name, sanitize mobile numbers and get mobile network types.
myanmar-phonenumber-js JavaScript Apache License V2 Javascript module port (for browsers and node) of ( to check valid myanmar mobile numbers, get mobile operator's name, sanitize mobile numbers and get mobile network types.

Myanmar/Burmese transcriptions

Name Language License Description
mya2rom JavaScript Myanmar/Burmese script to romanised transcriptions

Tax Calculator

Project with API

Name Language License Description
Myanmar Postal Code API PHP Complete API for myanmar postal code lookup using township or post office name.

Machine Learning

Name Language License Description
Myanmar News Classification System Java
Burmese Text Classifier JavaScript MIT A neural network based text classification system for Burmese

Programming Language, Compiler, Virtual Machine, IDE, Editor

Name Language License Description
UCSYLang A Full OO language, its compiler, Virtual Machine and editor

Myanmar Community

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