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COMP 271 002 F17 Lab 5 (Week 7)

Team project

Work in teams of two, optionally.


An understanding of the following concepts and techniques:

  • ADT implementation perspective
  • stack ADT
  • dynamically allocated objects
  • implementing stack as linked list
  • algorithms based on the stack's LIFO policy
  • interface-based testing


In this lab, you will have the opportunity to implement a generic stack as a linked list and use this implementation to solve a simple problem.


  1. Complete the TODO items in the LinkedStack implementation until the tests pass.
  2. Complete the main class ReverseLines, which reads successive input lines until EOF and then prints themin reverse order, using a suitable stack instance.
  3. Answer the following questions:
    • Why does LinkedStack not require an explicit constructor?
    • What is the time and (extra) space complexity of each of the LinkedStack methods, as well as ReverseLines.main?
    • How else (not using Node) could we have implemented LinkedStack in such a way that it is still based on a linked list but the asList method uses constant time and space?
    • Is it better for push and pop to return the item or the stack itself? Briefly discuss the pros and cons of each design.


  • 8 submission via GitHub
  • 16 completion of items marked TODO in LinkedStack and tests passing
  • 8 completion of ReverseLines and correct behavior
  • 8 written part
    • 6 responses to the questions above
    • 2 grammar, style, formatting

40 points TOTAL

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