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Channeleaton's Vim Setup

Installed Plugins

  • Align - Easily align text
  • AutoClose - Automatically create matching closing symbols. Saves a ton of typing.
  • Buffergator - Visual buffer managment
  • CtrlP - Open files and buffers with lightning quick speed!
  • Fugitive - Exceptional Git intigration for Vim
  • Genutils - Generally useful utilities
  • Gist - Create and edit Gists right in Vim
  • Markdown - Syntax highlighting for Markdown
  • Multvals - Dependencies
  • snipMate - Save snippets for any filetype
  • snipMate-snippets - Extra awesome snippets for snipMate
  • SuperTab - Insert mode Tab completion!
  • Surround - Surround your text in love...or brackets, quotation marks, etc.
  • NERDCommenter- Comment your code like a pro.
  • NERDTree- Visual folder/file navigation
  • tlib - Required for SnipMate. Provides other utility functions.
  • VimWiki - Have your very own wiki inside Vim.
  • Vundle - The best Vim plugin manager
  • ZenCoding - Easily create structured HTML
  • ZoomWin - Zoom in and out of windows

Basic Customizations

  • Changed <leader> to ,
  • Turned on linenumbers, ruler, and syntax highlighting
  • Made it easy to navigate wrapped lines using <D-j>, <D-k> and other movements.
  • Included Fugitive on the status line
  • Added shortcuts to change windows like <c-j> and <c-k>
  • Added shortcut to open .vimrc <leader>v and reload .vimrc <leader>V
  • Re-mapped ; to :. Fewer keystrokes FTW!
  • jj now escapes to normal mode
  • <leader>n toggles NERDTree
  • Added Date/Time insertion shortcuts. Makes using the VimWiki diary easy to do work logs.
  • <Leader><Leader> triggers :ZoomWin
  • :Gstatus and :Gcommit have been remapped to <Leader>gs and <Leader>gc respectively
  • Cmd-T opens the CtrlP window

Quick Plugin Help


Open the Buffergator window by pressing <leader>b.

  • h,j,k,l are used as movement keys
  • 42<CR> will open buffer number 42 in the previous window
  • go to open the selected buffer but keep the focus on Buffergator


  • Use .. and the Enter key to navigate up a directory
  • Ctrl-v opens the selected file in a vertical split
  • Ctrl-y creates a new file and all associated directories
  • Ctrl b switches to buffer search mode


Call up Git commands :Gstatus :Gcommit :Git push etc.

:Gstatus will display a split window with the staged/unstaged changes. Stage the wanted files by pressing \-

:Gcommit will allow you to type a commit message. Save the commit by typing :wq.


:Gist Posts whole text to Gist.

:'<,'>Gist Posts the selected text to Gist.

:Gist -a Posts whole text to Gist anonymously.

:Gist XXXXX Get Gist #XXXXX

:Gist -l List all of your Gists


<leader>cc Comments out the current line or text selected in visual mode.

<leader>cs Creates a good looking comment block

<leader>ca Adds comment delimiters at the end of the line and goes to insert mode between them.

<leader>cu Uncomments the current line or selected text.





  • Ctrl-y , expands the preceeding text.
  • Ctrl-y n skips to the next editing point
  • Ctrl-y m will merge lines selected in visual mode

How does it work? If you type html:5 then execute the keystrokes, it will expand to this:

<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">

You can download the Zen Coding cheatsheet here

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