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Who am I

I'm CHANN(Heechan Bak), a 28-year-old developer living in Seoul, South Korea. I usually produce code, photograph, article, and design. I ride a bicycle or watch movies as a hobby. Sometimes I chitchat on Twitter or brag about the food what I eat on Instagram. Check my Blog for more information.

I'd like to make something when I was young, So I made my own homepage using HTML, PHP when I was ten years old in 2000. That's the first step of my career. Next year, I made flip-flop card game and fake cultureland-gift-ticket generator using Visual Basic.

Now I'm interested in Python, Golang, Node.js, ...and all kinds of programming. But my major focus is on server, container orchestration, web, machine learning, automation, dApp, etc. I also have skills in other fields like design and midi composition. I am enthusiastic person with fast adapting skills in new environments.


  • Name / Birth / Gender : Heechan Bak / 1991 / M
  • Language : Korean (Native), English (Limited Working Proficiency)


  • NHN Entertainment 1st CodeCamp (2015.06 ~ 2015.08) - Bootcamp of newbie developer
    • Frieday - Gamification service of ordering chicken (slide)
  • Cafe24 (2016.08 ~ 2017.04) - Server Development Team
    • Varnish Cache Checker (Python)
    • Server / Application Configuration Checker (Python, Ansible)
    • Autoscaling Server with Test Automation (Python, PHP)
  • Private Part-Time Programming Jobs
  • OWDIN Network (2018.01 ~ Present) - Software Engineer
    • Blockchain Decentralized Application Development (dApp)
    • Hardware Device Management Tool
    • Backoffice Management Tool
  • Etc

Personal Project

  • KUPLEZONE (2010.02 ~ 2016.12) - Korea University (Sejong) Online Service
  • LAWDY (2017.06 ~ 2017.11) - Legaltech Service (Deprecated)
    • Questionnaire-based Standard Contract Generator



  1. Korea University Sejong Campus (2010.03 ~ 2016.02)

  2. Korea University (2012.03 ~ 2016.02)



I love to attend online courses, online judge, etc.


Degree Description
Beginner Getting started and still need support from others
Basic Can read and write code, but not yet comfortable
Intermediate Fairly comfortable, though at times need to reference Google or Stack Overflow
Advanced Able to teach or advise others
Expert I can do everything what I want

Programming Language

  • Python (Intermediate Mid, Favored)
  • Golang (Intermediate Low, Favored)
  • Javascript (Intermediate Low)
  • C/C++ (Basic Mid)
  • Java (Basic Low)
  • PHP (Intermediate Low, Unfavored)
  • HTML, CSS (Intermediate High)
  • Shell (Basic Mid)


  • Django (Intermediate Mid, Favored)
  • Flask (Intermediate Mid, Favored)
  • Echo (Basic Mid, Favored)
  • Expressjs (Basic Mid, Favored)
  • REST API (Intermediate Mid)
  • AWS (Intermediate Low)
  • Heroku (Intermediate Low)
  • Docker (Intermediate Low, Favored)
  • MariaDB (Basic High)
  • PostgreSQL (Basic High)
  • MongoDB (Beginner Mid)


  • React.js (Intermediate Low, Favored)
  • Vue.js (Beginner Low)
  • Ant Design (Intermediate Low)
  • Semantic UI (Intermediate High)
  • Bootstrap (Intermediate Low)

Preferred Tool

  • Macbook Pro or ThinkPad X1 Carbon
  • LG Ultra Fine 5K Display or Dell Ultra Sharp 4K Display
  • HHKB Pro2 or FC660C
  • iTerm2, Cmder, Hyper
  • Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text
  • Vim (alias emacs='vim')
  • Pycharm, GoLand
  • HTTPie, Postman, Paw
  • Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator


Open Source Contributions


Pull Requests

  • Update: Translate introduction in Korean #145 in tiimgreen/github-cheat-sheet
  • Add: Language version and print output in one line #11 in Baekjoon/submit-tool
  • Init: Entrance #99 in pythonkr/pyconkr-2017
  • Fix: Bithumb Bad Request(Auth Data) - Convert header value to string #1030 in ccxt/ccxt
  • Add: Bithumb Private API - Withdraw #1077 in ccxt/ccxt
  • Fix: Kakao OAuth Failure - Headers for authorization #171 in python-social-auth/social-core

Social Accounts

Twitter Facebook Instagram Linkedin


For more information, Contact me on Email.