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Heechan Bak (CHANN) Job Hits

Read this in other languages: 한국어 🇰🇷

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  • Total over 5 years as a Software Engineer.
  • Automate recursive working area to increase efficiency.
  • Fast adapting skills in new environments and build production grade application.
  • Production-experienced REST API with Golang, Node.js, and Python.
  • Create sleek dashboard with React.js and MobX from the bottom.
  • Savvy in building/operating container-based architecture, container orchestration, and cluster management with kubernetes.


  • Name : Heechan Bak
  • Address : Seoul
  • Language : Korean (Native), English (Limited Working Proficiency)


  • December and Company (2019.09 ~ Current) - Backend Developer
    • Fint API
    • Backoffice Management Tool
  • OWDIN Network(Closed) (2018.01 ~ 2019.09) - DApp and Backend Developer
    • Blockchain based decentralized application development (DApp)
    • IPFS Management Tool
      • Middleware file server built with golang and echo
      • Knowledge of distributed storage systems
      • Dropbox-like file/folder management dashboard
      • Upload files into ipfs cluster with pub-sub message queue
      • Tech stack : Golang, Echo, RabbitMQ, MySQL, React.js, MobX, Ant Design
    • Backoffice Management Tool
      • Container-based microservice architecture and single page application
      • Tech stack : Golang, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, React.js, MobX, Ant Design
    • CI/CD Automation with Docker Container
      • Up and running private docker registry and GitLab
      • Deploy production containers at scale into multiple IaaS
      • Test, build, deploy automation with docker container and private docker registry
    • Stand-up Meeting Chatbot on Slack
      • Answer the simple question to chatbot
      • Switch to asynchronous daily meetings
  • LAWDY(Closed) (2017.05 ~ 2017.11) - Software Engineer and Founding member of legaltech startup
    • Questionnaire-based standard legal contract generator
    • Research blockchain for adopting notarization of a legal contract
    • Tech stack : Django, Semantic UI, Docker, MySQL, Ethereum, etc.
  • Cafe24 (2016.08 ~ 2017.04) - Backend Developer
    • Varnish Cache Checker
      • Read apache weblog and check static assets cached or not
      • Send alarm message to operations manager if assets does not cached
      • PHP(Code Igniter) and jQuery for frontend, python script for backend
    • Autoscaling Server with Test Automation
      • Automate procedures of scale-out shopping mall servers
      • Send alarm message to operations manager if test has failed
      • PHP(Code Igniter) and jQuery for frontend, python and shell script for backend
    • Server / Application Configuration Checker
      • Check apache congif, db config, etc. automatically
      • Send alarm message to operations manager if config is invalid
      • Python(Django) and jQuery for frontend, python, ansible for backend
  • NHN Entertainment 1st CodeCamp (2015.06 ~ 2015.08) - Bootcamp of newbie developer
    • Frieday - Gamification service of ordering chicken (slide)

Personal Project

  • KUPLEZONE (2010.02 ~ 2016.12) - Korea University (Sejong) Online Service



Extra Courses

  • Seoul National University, Institute of Computer Technology (2014.07 ~ 2014.09)
  • Korea Productivity Center (2015.07 ~ 2015.08)
    • A course in Wearable Device Programming(IoT)
    • Coursework: Android, JSP, IoT, Server, API


Programming Language

  • Golang (Favored)
  • Python (Favored)
  • JavaScript (ES6)
  • TypeScript

Frameworks and Libraries

  • Echo, xorm
  • Django, Flask
  • Express.js
  • React.js, MobX, Ant Design
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins
  • RabbitMQ, Redis
  • Terraform


  • MySQL (or MariaDB)
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

Activities & Certificates

Open Source Contributions

Pull Requests

  • Add: Add federated search and change header style #55 in planetarium/libplanet-explorer-frontend
  • Update: Support reverse order and show payer option - Fix #324 #464 in EOSIO/eosjs
  • Fix: Kakao OAuth Failure - Headers for authorization #171 in python-social-auth/social-core
  • Fix: Bithumb Bad Request(Auth Data) - Convert header value to string #1030 in ccxt/ccxt
  • Add: Bithumb Private API - Withdraw #1077 in ccxt/ccxt
  • Init: Entrance #99 in pythonkr/pyconkr-2017
  • Add: Language version and print output in one line #11 in Baekjoon/submit-tool
  • Update: Translate introduction in Korean #145 in tiimgreen/github-cheat-sheet


For more information, Contact me on Email