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0.0.8 (2011-07-26):
* Added Russian by hacenator
* Added Italian by gionn (Giovanni gionn Toraldo)
* Fix non ascii characters in archive name (#16)
* Added revision.rhtml for redmine version 0.9.X and 1.2.X
* Symlink defaults to 1.2.X version
0.0.7 (2010-08-24):
New Translation:
* Dutch by mthmulders
* Properly format filename when project name contain space
* Gzip with ActiveSupport::Gzip instead of Grit's gzip
Grit would use gzip from command line which might not work
on all platform
* Use ActionController::Streaming to send Git Archive to browser
should work on more platform
0.0.6 (2010-08-03):
* Max size of git archive can be modified
* timeout value use default returned by Grit
0.0.5 (2010-07-28):
* plugin setting page
* change timeout value (fix #4)
* enable/disable gzip (fix #3)
0.0.4 (2010-07-15):
New translations:
* Spanish/Catalan by Gerard Forns
* Simplified/Traditional Chinese by Simon Liu
* Update install doc for redmine on windows
* Added link to project homepage to init.rb
0.0.3 (2010-07-03):
New translations:
* German translation by hexa2k9 (Christian Boenning)
* French translation by myself: chantra (Emmanuel Bretelle)
0.0.2 (2010-06-12):
Not long since the first realease...
* using redmine hokks instead of overriding templates
* adds permission
* activable as a module per project
0.0.1 (2010-06-12):
* Initial public release
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