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RVN-BR commented Apr 5, 2012

Hi, are there/is it possible to assign, keyboard shortcuts to RestClient actions?

Mainly the "send" button?

I want to make a macro in autohotkey to switch to my browser and hit the "send" key to aid in testing my development... It really speeds things up when I run within netbeans with xdebug as I can hit a keyboard shortcut and the browser will reload the page and I dont leave the IDE... I'd like to do the same with restclient but havent found a way to activate the Send key from teh keyboard...

I found that tabbing into the address field and hitting enter also doesnt work, so couldnt work that as a workaround...

thanks for any help

RVN-BR commented Apr 11, 2012

I see this in the new download! looks good!

Another suggestion (dont know if I should place it elsewhere again?) would be to be able to have a "sticky" interface... in that I mean:

  • Hide/collapse Request form and have it persist between requests (I can now keep pressing "s" to resend the request)
  • Persist the viewing preference for the response headers/response body/etc (i.e. after sending a request, it always defaults back to the response header, when i often need to check a difference in the response body after altering something... pressing s (wait) 3 works, but unfortunately it doesnt allow me to press s3 quickly (qhich means my keysender macro isnt working very well...)... One option may be to update the status on the title of the window, that way I can monitor "loading" and then wait to press the "3"?

I will try and dig in to the code, but although I'm pretty ok in JS as a web app developer, I've never toyed with FF extensions until I started looking at restclient last night...

It is very nice indeed!!!

One general question, can you exapand on the "storage of urls" method? The older version seems to be keeping track of my "history" just fine, but the new one doesnt record things as expected? even when I add them to my "favorits"? I suspect i'm using it wrong...

Congratulations on a grat soft!


chao commented Apr 13, 2012

Thanks for your advice.

For the URL history, I'm sorry for my careless, I forgot to write a tool to migrate the old URL history to new storage location. I will put it in 2.0.1, and try to publish it as soon as possible.

RVN-BR commented Apr 13, 2012

No problem! thanks for the efforts!

One more thing I noticed missing from last version is the "time" taken for the request.... xxx ms...

That was useful sometimes to see if something was off the average or so...



chao commented Apr 19, 2012

@RVN-BR I digged a day, but I still cannot find out a way to fetch the old URL history since there is no such function to get all entries by name (refer to nsIFormHistory2 ). I have to give up the old history...

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