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nopkgbuild() {
echo "ATTENTION: Created tarball $1 contains no PKGBUILD!1!!" 1>&2
exit 1
test -z $1 && exit 1
# get rid of trailing /
dir=$( basename $1 )
git archive --format=tar --prefix=${dir}/ HEAD:${dir}/ | gzip > ${tarball}
# Output tarball content
echo "Created ./${tarball} containing:"
tar tfz ${tarball}
# sanity check - there needs to be a PKGBUILD otherwise we exit 1
tar tfz ${tarball} |grep -q PKGBUILD || nopkgbuild ./${tarball}
# TODO: make the package and run namcap
# maybe all this should go into a Makefile
# and upload
aurploader ${tarball}
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