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Commits on Nov 20, 2011
  1. fix a double // to single /

Commits on Nov 19, 2011
  1. @tomprince @bremner

    Don't link libnotmuch if libutil isn't linked in properly.

    tomprince committed with bremner
    For some reason, on my machine, the link is picking up
    /usr/lib/ instead of util/libutil.a. This causes there to be
    undefined symbols in libnotmuch, making it unuseable. This patch causes
    the link to fail instead.
  2. @bremner

    RELEASING: document the semi-automated version propagation.

    bremner committed
    The instructions are purposely a bit coy about what files are updated,
    so we don't have to update immediately when something else is plugged
    into the make recipe.
  3. @bremner

    build system: add target update-versions to propagate version

    bremner committed
    The version from file "version" is propagated to the man page and the
    python bindings via sed. Note that the git version is ignored because
    of the check for MAKECMDGOALS.
  4. @bremner

    build system: use $(filter ...) to test MAKECMDGOALS

    bremner committed
    This makes the test easier to extend to more targets. It also corrects
    a bug where "special" targets were only detected when given alone.
Commits on Nov 18, 2011
  1. @bremner

    test: make all tests terminable with Ctrl-c

    Tomi Ollila committed with bremner
    Some tests don't break when HUP signal is sent tho those (by
    pressing ctrl-c on the terminal). Therefore, the top-level
    test script catches the HUP and sends TERM signal to the
    started test script.
  2. @praet @bremner

    test: emacs: tidy up "Stashing in notmuch-show" test

    praet committed with bremner
    Merge expected output into the actual test, so we can verify the stashed
    filename using ${gen_msg_filename} instead of doing sed tricks.
  3. @bremner

    test: attempt to send QUIT to smtp-dummy in case mail send failed

    Tomi Ollila committed with bremner
    If mail sending from emacs fails before it has chance to connect
    to the smtp-dummy mail server, the opportunistic QUIT message
    sending makes smtp-dummy to exit.
Commits on Nov 17, 2011
  1. @bremner

    test: create dtach's session socket in $TEST_TMPDIR

    Tomi Ollila committed with bremner
    Due to 108-character limit in unix domain socket path this change
    is required; it is more probable that length of ${TMPDIR:-/tmp} is
    shorter than length of path to the current directory of notmuch test
    source directory. One can expect to create reasonable-length unix
    domain sockets wherever $TMPDIR points to.
  2. @bremner

    test: create TEST_TMPDIR for holding temporary files

    Tomi Ollila committed with bremner
    The TEST_TMPDIR if first needed to hold dtach's socket (due
    to 108-character limit in socket file names). Later it can be
    used to hold other temporary files; directory deleted at exit.
  3. @bremner

    build system: tweak VERSION so that debian-snapshot works for N.NN~rcN

    bremner committed
    The problem was that the version is recovered from the git tag, which
    has the ~ replaced by _. This broke the sequencing of version numbers.
Commits on Nov 16, 2011
  1. @praet @bremner

    NEWS: fix some old typos and trailing whitespace

    praet committed with bremner
    (with a further M-x whitespace-cleanup by db)
  2. @praet @bremner

    NEWS: add entries for stashing-related keybinding and tests

    praet committed with bremner
    Add news entries for commits:
  3. @dschoepe @bremner

    NEWS entry for id-links

    dschoepe committed with bremner
    This adds a NEWS entry for commit 4a4ada7
    (second try, with whitespace fix)
  4. @bremner

    Revert "NEWS entry for id-links"

    bremner committed
    This reverts commit e93bf1f.
    reverting to fix whitespace
  5. @dschoepe @bremner

    NEWS entry for id-links

    dschoepe committed with bremner
    This adds a NEWS entry for commit 4a4ada7
  6. @dschoepe @bremner

    NEWS entry for adding tab-completion to notmuch-search

    dschoepe committed with bremner
    Add a news entry for commit6a280088e6769015ade7758b9790384997a21ff3.
  7. @bremner

    NEWS: mention improved search buffer performance, change Optimization…

    bremner committed
    …s to Performance
    via email: id:""
  8. @bremner

    notmuch.1: bump version number

    bremner committed
    More of a leap than a bump.  This is a bit silly keeping 3 files
    syncronized. At least for this file, I would prefer a solution that
    generates notmuch.1 from some template at build time.
  9. @bremner

    RELEASING: update description of "make release".

    bremner committed
    The additional "safety feature" documented here is motivated by the
    fact that I use gpg-agent and I don't always get the GPG prompt that
    Carl was relying on as an abort point. The new version also allows
    more to be done in "dry run" mode.
  10. @bremner

    RELEASING: update discussion of version handling

    bremner committed
    This is definitely reaching the point where it should be automated.
  11. @bremner

    RELEASING: update symbol handling description for current practice.

    bremner committed
    We really did bump SONAME, and we probably will again, but not just
    for a simple symbol addition.
    Debian versions generally need to be removed from symbols file; this
    wasn't a problem before because there was no Debian versions
  12. @bremner

    NEWS: discuss contrib and nmbug

    bremner committed
    I mention the possibility of a seperate license here because currently
    notmuch-deliver is licensed GPL v2 only.
  13. @bremner

    debian/libnotmuch2.symbols: add notmuch_query_count_threads

    bremner committed
    Since this is only an added symbol, no soname bump required.
Commits on Nov 15, 2011
  1. @bremner

    debian: new changelog stanza for 0.10~rc1-1

    bremner committed
    The changelog is a bit minimalist, but we'll do better for the real
  2. @bremner

    version: update to 0.10~rc1

    bremner committed
    and the usual dance with the python bindings version.
  3. @jnikula @bremner

    test: add tests for notmuch search --offset and --limit

    jnikula committed with bremner
    Signed-off-by: Jani Nikula <>
  4. @jnikula @bremner

    test: add tests for notmuch count

    jnikula committed with bremner
    Signed-off-by: Jani Nikula <>
  5. @jnikula @bremner

    cli: add support for --output parameter in notmuch count

    jnikula committed with bremner
    Add support for --output=messages (which remains the default) and
    --output=threads to notmuch count.
    Signed-off-by: Jani Nikula <>
  6. @jnikula @bremner

    cli: drop unused code from notmuch count

    jnikula committed with bremner
    Remove unused code within #if 0 blocks from notmuch count.
    Signed-off-by: Jani Nikula <>
  7. @jnikula @bremner

    cli: add options --offset and --limit to notmuch search

    jnikula committed with bremner
    Add options --offset=[-]N and --limit=M to notmuch search to determine the
    first result and maximum number of results to display.
    Option --limit=M limits the maximum number of results to display to M.
    Option --offset=[-]N skips the first N results; with the leading '-' skip
    until the Nth result from the end.
    Note that --offset with a negative N for thread or summary output requires
    counting the number of matching threads in advance.
    Signed-off-by: Jani Nikula <>
  8. @jnikula @bremner

    lib: add function to get the number of threads matching a search

    jnikula committed with bremner
    Add function notmuch_query_count_threads() to get the number of threads
    matching a search. This is done by performing a search and figuring out the
    number of unique thread IDs in the matching messages, a significantly
    heavier operation than notmuch_query_count_messages().
    Signed-off-by: Jani Nikula <>
  9. @aclements @bremner
  10. @aclements @bremner
Commits on Nov 14, 2011
  1. @aclements @bremner

    Store "from" and "subject" headers in the database.

    aclements committed with bremner
    This is a rebase and cleanup of Istvan Marko's patch from
    Search retrieves these headers for every message in the search
    results.  Previously, this required opening and parsing every message
    file.  Storing them directly in the database significantly reduces IO
    and computation, speeding up search by between 50% and 10X.
    Taking full advantage of this requires a database rebuild, but it will
    fall back to the old behavior for messages that do not have headers
    stored in the database.
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