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Chaos Mesh

A Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes

Welcome to the Chaos Mesh community!

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Chaos Mesh is an open source cloud-native Chaos Engineering platform. It offers various types of fault simulation and has an enormous capability to orchestrate fault scenarios.

Using Chaos Mesh, you can conveniently simulate various abnormalities that might occur in reality during the development, testing, and production environments and find potential problems in the system. To lower the threshold for a Chaos Engineering project, Chaos Mesh provides you with a visualization operation. You can easily design your Chaos scenarios on the Web UI and monitor the status of Chaos experiments.

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  1. chaos-mesh chaos-mesh Public

    A Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes.

    Go 6.5k 805

  2. chaosd chaosd Public

    A Chaos Engineering toolkit.

    Go 123 63

  3. toda toda Public

    A hook filesystem and utils to inject IO chaos

    Rust 48 22

  4. chaos-tproxy chaos-tproxy Public

    Rust 29 14

  5. rfcs rfcs Public

    RFCs for changes to Chaos Mesh and its ecosystem

    14 23

  6. website website Public

    Source for Chaos Mesh website.

    JavaScript 19 100


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