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Cerebro is a collection of cluster monitoring tools and libraries.
This project has been named after a part of the central nervous system
to pay homage to the the Ganglia project
A heavily modified version of Ganglia was once used at Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory, but as needs and demands changed, it
became necessary to develop a slightly different tool.
Several of goals of Cerebro were to develop a monitoring tool that:
- Interrupt the CPU less frequently (fixed in newer Ganglias).
- Provide the user with a set of libraries, command-line tools, and a
dynamic module interface that allow users to monitor new metrics
without any re-compilation or configuration changes.
- Provide a dynamic module interface that allows individual clusters to
monitor different metrics based solely on the modules installed.
- Provide a dynamic module interface which allows the libraries and
tools to have knowledge of every node in the cluster.
- Provide a dynamic module interface which allows the libraries and
tools to automatically configure itself across a cluster.
- Define what nodes exist within a cluster.
- Remove XML overhead.
At this point in time, the Cerebro project should not be mistaken for
a full host monitoring system like Ganglia or Supermon, although it
one day may be.
Future development goals include:
- Security/access control features
- Confined listening configuration.
In order to install Cerebro, only the primary RPM (cerebro) need be
installed. However, additional features of Cerebro can be taken
advantage of by installing a clusterlist module (cerebro-clusterlist)
which allows Cerebro to recognize the hosts in the current cluster.
The current clusterlist database formats supported are:
Genders - Uses a genders database and the genders library to determine
all nodes in the cluster. (
Hostsfile - Uses a file that lists the hostname of every node in the
cluster on a separate line.
In addition, other modules can be installed for cluster configuration
(cerebro-config), metric monitoring (cerebro-metric), or metric
logging (cerebro-monitor).
The following metric modules are currently publicly distributed:
boottime - Monitor cluster node boottimes.
shutdown - Monitor when nodes are shutdown gracefully
bytesin, bytesout, packetsin, packetsout, rxerrs, txerrs - Monitor network usage
memtotal, memused, memfree, swaptotal, swapused, swapfree - Monitor memory usage
loadavg1, loadavg5, loadavg15 - Monitor load
Albert Chu
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
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