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| Building |
You need a few prerequisites (shared library versions):
lua, lua-devel
A LUA parser is used to parse the config file.
munge, munge-libs, munge-devel
Needed if --enable-munge (see below).
tcp_wrappers, tcp_wrappers-libs, tcp_wrappers-devel
Needed if you want built-in TCP wrapper functionality.
configure options:
Build with MUNGE support. Currrently this is the only
supported authentication method. If you don't enable
munge, you will have to run the server with --no-auth
which is likely a big security vulnerability.
Enable aread/awrite ops for large atomic I/O.
This requires client (9p.ko) modifications and is currently
under construction. Do not use.
| Testing |
Unit tests (make check):
Miscellaneous unit tests.
Some tests will be skipped if not root.
User space client and server running across a socketpair.
All tests can run as non-root, no kernel support needed.
Kernel client and server running across a socketpair,
in private namespace.
All tests require root and 9p.ko with 9P2000.L e.g. from 2.6.38+.
Running by hand for debugging:
Start diod server with one export, no auth, protocol debug:
sudo ./diod -l -d 1 -n -e /tmp/9
Mount with diodmount:
sudo ./diodmount -p 550 -n mrhankey:/tmp/9 /mnt
Alternatively, mount with mount:
sudo mount -t 9p -n /mnt \
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