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[This Document is Under Construction]
- free fids (+users) when connection fails and they are not properly clunked
- rework auth to use afid and Tauth?
- POSIX issue: newgrp + creat = created file will have old gid?
- flock advisory file lock
- fcntl(lock) advisory record lock
- one stuck fs can hang all npfs worker threads
- seekdir (offset != 0), telldir incompat with 9P
- limit aread/awrite size (breaks atomicity, but better than malloc==NULL /oom)
- handle simultaneous aread/awrite on same fid
- mount generates attach + stat / - can we cache stat / result to avoid
touching all the file system at mount time (e.g. when doing it at the
beginning of every cluster job)? If just one fs is down, everything hangs.
- diodmount should umount control file system when it aborts for other reasons
- init scripts 'restart' fails to start server if it is not already running
- init scripts should create rundir if it doesn't exist
- handle lustre ioctls?
error on ioctl 0x4008669a
for '/p/lcrater2/garlick/ior-fpp.1000010/testfile.00000000' (3):
Inappropriate ioctl for device
error: setstripe: create stripe file
'/p/lcrater2/garlick/ior-fpp.1000010/testfile.00000000' failed
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