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Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.14 12 Jul 2012
* Add mount.diod --attach and --detach options to support 9nbd
(9P network block device).
* Allow non-directories to be exported (issue 113)
* Return Rlerror(ENOENT) in response to Tauth if auth not required
instead of Rlerror(0), which confused kernel 9P code.
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.13 22 May 2012
* Allow DIOD_MOUNTOPTS in /etc/sysconfig/auto.diod
Normalize -s,--server NAME option in diodcat, diodload, diodls,
and diodshowmount utilities, where NAME can be IP[:PORT], HOST[:PORT],
or /path/to/socket.
* Add diodshowmount utility (issue 111)
* Add diodls utility
* Debugging/cleanup for issue 108
- refactor and clarify error paths in ioctx open/close functions
- normalize error messages when ioctx state is not as expected
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.12 15 May 2012
* Rework fdtrans somewhat for clarity (issue 109)
* Test improvements:
- misc/t15: don't use munge auth or usleep (caused hang on build farm)
- misc/t15: update valgrind suppressions for 32b Ubuntu tests
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.11 14 May 2012
* Return EINVAL when a file is opened with O_DIRECT flag (issue 110).
* Drop unused maxmmap feature.
* Fix possible race on dumpable flag (issue 105)
* Allow connections on UNIX domain sockets
* Additional test coverage
- kern/t40: scrub a file (split off from kern/t35)
- misc/t15: run full server under valgrind
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.10 30 Mar 2012
* Fix statfs_passthru option which had no effect
* Improve unit tests:
- add tests/kern/t12 to verify creat modes
- eliminate a false failure in tests/misc/t10
* Update RPM BuildRequires for tcmalloc's package rename in EPEL.
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.9 12 Mar 2012
* Additional changes to ensure cores and asserts are logged (issue 105)
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.8 09 Mar 2012
* Enable core dumps for diod (issue 105)
Add new assert macro that ensures assertions are captured in logs.
* Interpret 9P2000.L open flags (issue 101)
* Avoid asserting in ppool_fini on SIGTERM (issue 99)
* Don't close ioctx if already open in diod_lopen.
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.7 07 Mar 2012
* Change statfs to return f_type == V9FS_MAGIC by default, and add
statfs_passthru = 1 config to get old behavior (issue 80)
* Relax kern/t14 to work around 32 bit f_fsid issue (high byte -1)
and allow f_type to be V9FS_MAGIC (issue 54)
* Allow DAC_OVERRIDE to work in --no-auth mode, which
was causing kern/t31 to intermittently fail (issue 94)
* Build with -g so debuginfo package contains symbols (issue 96)
* Fix problem writing to files with mode g+w (issue 98)
* Expanded valgrind test coverage.
* Fix 'make dist' to include all source materials.
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.6 02 Mar 2012
* Set maxmmap=0 by default as no performance benefit has been
demonstrated and it increases our VM footprint.
* Don't try to mmap zero length files (generates log noise).
* Do not return clunk error in the event of munmap failure.
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.5 29 Feb 2012
* Add 'maxmmap' tunable which will mmap the first 'maxmmap' bytes of
a shared file as a performance optimization for parallel reads
(default 4194304). This option only affects file systems exported
with the 'sharefd' attribute.
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.4 28 Feb 2012
* Fix locking problem in new ioctx code (issue 97)
This was causing the server to assert occasionally under load.
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.3 24 Feb 2012
* Fix bug in 'exportopts' parsing.
* Add diod option to override exportopts in config file:
-o,--export-opts opt[,opt]
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.2 24 Feb 2012
* Add 'exportopts' diod.conf config option. This allows the new
'sharefd' option to be enabled globally in conjunction with exportall=1.
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.1 24 Feb 2012
* Add 'sharefd' export option which enables limited server-side
sharing of file descriptors for files opened read-only. The default
is (still) for every client open to trigger a server open.
Release Notes for DIOD version 1.0.0 17 Feb 2012
* Disable verbose fidpool and flush debugging
* Drop ctl:requests synthetic file
* Don't cache request structs.
Pre-release Notes
Set rwdepth=1 mount option until v9fs null deref is resolved.
Avoid allocating memory in error response path
Change the way a late flush is handled: don't suppress successful req
Avoid double close introduced in pre62 (issue 92)
Add 'loosefid' flag to work around buggy client (issue 81)
Fix fid accounting on flushed Tclunk/Tremove/Twalk (issue 81)
Don't leak file descriptor if clunk is flushed.
Really close down clunk/walk race on server (issue 81)
Better fix to server deadlock (issue 90)
Drop srv->lock before calling np_req_unref (issue 90)
Build with tcmalloc (google-perftools).
Enable keepalives and tune aggressively (issue 88)
[dtop] Server aname count should not count tpools with 0 active fids
Parameterize timestamps in protocol debug.
Set rwdepth=32 mount option (issue 86)
Turn off Nagle algorithm for streaming write performance.
Add timestamps to protocol debug.
Destroy fids if clunk or remove is flushed (issue 81)
Include path in fidpool debug message (issue 81)
Add flush debugging flag, on by default (temporarily)
Disable worker thread flush signaling (temporarily)
Include op in fidpool debug message (issue 81)
Fix race that caused server to segfault (issue 83)
Improve fidpool debugging messages (issue 81)
Rework fidpool code and add debugging for issue 81
Fidpool debugging is on by default (temporarily)
Dtop shows time missing server was last seen.
Add experimental suppoort for building with tcmalloc
Fix broken runtime test for supplementary group creds (issue 53)
Change dtop to show file system (aname) view by default.
Fix automake issue seen on debian [E. Meshcheryakov]
Update 'make dist' target to include some missing files.
Switch to new lock type defintions.
NOTE: This will break regression tests on some non-x86_64
architectures until they catch up with upstream kernel fs/9p.
Return fid to pool before sending rename/clunk reply (issue 81)
Fix dtop help window and rwsize counts.
Various coverity fixes.
Fix histogram binning in dtop rwsize view.
Add help command to dtop.
Lay some groundwork for renameat/unlinkat support.
Add request age and status to ctl:requests synthetic file.
Decode new lock/getlock type values (issue 69).
Add dtop screen for monitoring I/O read/write sizes.
Add fsstress and fsx to internal test suite.
Don't mask close errors (issue 71)
Implement diod --rfdno,wfdno options to match v9fs (issue 68)
Fix transport read/write error logging.
Change transport internal interface to message-oriented.
Don't hardwire .L lock/getlock bits in test (issue 69)
Make setgroups() system call directly to kernel (issue 53).
Misc. llvm fixes [E. Meshcheryakov]
Make unit tests work in fakeroot environment [E. Meshcheryakov]
Prep for Infiniband RDMA transport work.
Misc. coverity fixes.
Support hostlist:aname mount syntax (issue 66)
Fix transport abstraction to handle whole messages (issue 67)
Don't call setgroups if it affects entire process (issue 53)
Unmount servers on dtop shutdown (issue 63)
Drop an extra stat in setattr implementation and avoid potential race.
Call setgroups to get supplemental groups in cred (issue 64)
Make mount points appear empty (issue 62)
Eliminate extra seekdir/telldir in readdir handler
Don't get fsid from statvfs (issue 54)
Misc. cosmetic coverity fixes and other cleanup.
Add "suppress" export option to filter exportall list (issue 59)
Add -p,--port option to dtop (former -p,--poll-period renamed to -P).
Suppress Ubuntu FORTIFY for postmark compilation (issue 56)
Fix kern/t30 to not need nobody group (issue 55)
Handle host[:port] in DIOD_SERVERS (issue 40)
Handle multiple DIOD_SERVERS entries (issue 48,57,58)
Skip capability regression test if libcap not installed
Disable server DAC check and don't setgroups before handling requests.
Fix null deref on server conn create failure.
Add diodload utility for testing.
Reduce number of read requests needed to handle synthetic file get.
Careful which thread destroys conn (issue 52)
Better test coverage.
Improved logging of source of EIO errors.
Handle flush expitiously on working requests (issue 49)
Parse new TRENAMEAT and TUNLINKAT ops.
Set O_NONBLOCK on fd passed to kernel client.
Show additional information in dtop and fix dtop reconnect logic.
Add ctl:zero, ctl:null synthetic files for testing.
Fix a null pointer deref regression introduced in 1.0-pre37.
Fix a compiler warning that prevented RPM from building.
Drop per-threadpool locks and support for flushing working requests.
Fix numerous small coverity problems.
Undo workaround for issue 47.
Fix numerous small coverity problems.
Never destroy tpools (temporary workaround for issue 47).
lcreate and lopen return iounit = 0 instead of st_blksize.
Fix flush test kern/t35 (issue 45)
Fix a missing Buildrequires for tcp_wrappers-devel in the spec file.
Add dtop monitoring tool.
Fix deadlock when handling a P9_TFLUSH (issue 44).
Fix two places where thread pool lock could be taken twice.
Rework 'tpools' synthetic file content.
Test cleanup.
Remove 'threadmode' option and make threadmode=aname the default.
Fix ignored open flags in create case (issue 43).
Fix fsync returning EBADF on directory (issue 42).
Override squashuser when euid != 0 (issue 41).
Add --squashuser command line option.
Improve test coverage.
Implement per-aname thread pools --threadmode=aname (issue 26).
Provide diodcat defaults for host, aname, and file.
Fix diodcat segfault when file does not exist.
Normalize logged errors in diod operation handlers.
Export more performance data via ctl interface.
Fix uninitialized aname in diodmount (regression from pre28).
Clunk afid if diodmount attach fails
Mount synthetic file system as 'ctl' rather than nil aname (issue 38).
Implement ctl/exports file and have auto.diod script use it.
On SIGHUP config reload, reset before reading config file value.
Rewrite npfile code and added some synthetic files for monitoring.
Don't setfsgid to gid outside of user's sg set.
Allow stand-alone ctime update in setattr, found by fstest (issue 37)
Add --no-userdb option to allow fstest to use random uids (issue 37)
Drop usercache on receipt of SIGHUP.
Updating from pre26:
- Chkconfig diod on. Service is now called 'diod' not 'diodctl'.
- In diod.conf, rename 'diodctllisten' to 'listen' and use port 564.
Now the changes:
Serialize password/group lookups, log all errors, and use big buffers.
Minimize password/group lookups by briefly caching lookup results.
Perform a late term abortion on diodctl. Now we just start diod.
Added diodcat utility and updated auto.diod to use it not diodctl
Reworked the libnpclient library and used it to improve test coverage.
Add better error handling for setfsuid/getfsuid.
Fix a regression in 1.0-pre25 in the gid was never being reset.
Reopen logs after daemonization.
Fix the allsquash option and add 'squashuser' config option.
Avoid unneded calls to setgroups/setfsuid/setfsgid.
Improved logging for authentication and user handling.
Fix fid refcounting bug in remove handler (issue 29)
Add more verbose logging in auth path (issue 28)
Drop diod trans plugin and use fdtrans.
Fix test suite deadlock in Ubuntu 2.6.35 kernel.
Drop -Werror from default CFLAGS
Provide more sophisticated lua configure glue (issue 21)
Fix double-free with diod -c and !HAVE_LUA_H
Fix various memory issues.
Drop upool module and integrate UNIX user handling into libnpfs.
Make -s,--stdin option explicit in diod and diodctl.
Have diod listen by default on the well known 9pfs port 564.
Don't require explicit confirmation if munge isn't found (issue 23)
Terminate diod children when diodctl is terminated with SIGTERM.
Reconfigure diod children when diodctl is reconfiged with SIGHUP.
Implement orderly shutdown on SIGTERM in both servers and libnpfs.
Don't error on missing config file if built without lua (issue 24).
Remove vestiges of atomic IO extensions.
Get rid of superfluous connect errors from diodctl as it starts diod.
Fix some small memory leaks/problems.
Remove diod -s,--stats IO stats option.
Drop DEBUG_9P_ERRORS debug bit.
Prep libnpfs for extended attributes.
Fixed initialization problem in diodctl introduced in pre21.
Properly handle msize negotiation.
Improved cleanup during shutdown.
1.0-pre21: (do not use)
Fix minor memory problems uncovered by valgrind.
Improved test coverage.
Add 'allsquash' config option to remap all users to nobody.
Improve portability to RHEL 5 (glibc-2.5) based systems.
Build liblsd with thread-safety enabled (issue #18).
Allow /d/ROOT as alias for exported root fs (/).
Allow file systems to be exported read-only with new export format.
Add 'exportall' diod.conf option to export everything in /proc/mounts.
Add diod -E,--export-all and diodctl -E,--export-all options.
Fix (another) typo in diodexp output that broke automounter.
Optimize np_gets () to avoid duplicate P9_READ calls.
Fix bug inheriting -n and -c options from diodctl to diod.
Service diodctl reload works now (without killing diodctl).
Make it possible to set syslog level in config file.
Fix typo in diodexp output that broke automounter.
Chkconfig --add diodctl upon RPM installation.
Fix 60s idle (disconnected) timeout on diod server spawned by diodctl.
Config file renamed to /etc/diod.conf and install example (noreplace).
Don't allow 'debuglevel', 'foreground', or 'diodpath' in config file.
Set listen port with 'diodlisten' and 'diodctllisten' in config file.
Allow diod to be run in the background again.
diodexp: if hostlist, compute intersection of results.
diodexp: allow 'foo-bar', '', and 'bar' as keys for /foo/bar.
Misc. code cleanup and man page improvement.
Fix error handling in diod_sock_connect().
Rework automounter integration.
Rework mount helper options.
Resync with upstream 9P2000.L and rhel6. Require 9P2000.L (2.6.38+).
Re-integrate MUNGE using proper 9p authentication.
Integrate diodctl and autofs (new tool: diodexp for program maps).
Dumb down diodmount and turn it into /sbin/mount.diod mount helper.
Restructure test framework to use socketpair client-server setups.
Get libnpclient working and use it for auth and diodctl.
Temporarily drop aread/awrite support.
Revert gcc-4.4 changes which were incorrect.
Fix warnings that prevented compilation with gcc-4.4
Fix wstat bug that broke chgrp.
Fix -L parsing bug that prevented diodctl from starting diod when
not in debug mode.
Drop diodmount -U option.
Improved fcntl/flock testing in 'make check'.
Add diod -s filename option to capture I/O stats.
Log any I/O errors to syslog, other minor logging changes.
Incremental improvements to test suite.
Add -L <log-dest> option to diod and diodctl.
Fix bugs in diodctl init script and diodctl that broke restart.
Set proctitle in diod instances to reflect usage.
Add -j <jobid> to diodmount and support per-job server instances.
Add -A <atomic-max> option to diod.
Diod is always started by diodctl.
Simplify options on all commands.
Fix some silly bugs.
Diodmount should always mount with debug=1 (show errors)
Diodmount should drop datacheck option (it is implied now)
Diodmount should mount 9p2000.L not .H
Add advisory locking implementation to diod.
Fold 9p2000.H changes into 9p2000.L.
Add diodmount --verbose option, mount with -o datacheck.
Drop readahead option
Fix some silly bugs in 1.0-pre1.
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