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Parallel filesystem I/O benchmark
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Teach IOR about GPFS hints (gpfs_fcntl)

GPFS supports a "gpfs_fcntl" method for hinting various things,
including "i'm about to write this block of data".  Let's see if, for
the cost of a few system calls, we can wrangle the GPFS locking system
into allowing concurrent access with less overhead. (new IOR parameter

Also, drop all locks on a file immediately after open/creation in the
shared file case, since we know all processes will touch unique regions
of the file.  It may or may not be a good idea to release all file locks
after opening.  Processes will then have to re-acquire locks already
held.   (new IOR parameter gpfsReleaseToken)
latest commit aa604c1d38
Rob Latham roblatham00 authored morrone committed



0. If "configure" is missing from the top level directory, you
   probably retrieved this code directly from the repository.
   Run "./bootstrap".

   If your versions of the autotools are not new enough to run
   this script, download and official tarball in which the
   configure script is already provided.

1. Run "./configure"

   See "./configure --help" for configuration options.

2. Run "make"

3. Optionally, run "make install".  The installation prefix
   can be changed as an option to the "configure" script.
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