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The Lustre Monitoring Tool (LMT) monitors Lustre File System servers (MDT, OST, and LNET routers). It collects data using the Cerebro monitoring system and stores it in a MySQL database. Graphical and text clients are provided which display historical and real time data pulled from the database.

LMT 3.1.6 supports (mostly) Lustre 2.4.X. There is currently no support for multiple MDTs in the same filesystem (DNE1).

LMT3 added the following features versus LMT2:

  • New ltop that works directly with Cerebro and has an expanded display.
  • Auto-configuration of MySQL database (lustre config is determied on the fly)
  • Improved error handling and logging (configurable)
  • New config file
  • Code improvements for maintainability

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