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This file describes changes in recent versions of SLURM. It primarily
documents those changes that are of interest to users and admins.
* Changes in SLURM 2.4.0.pre1
* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0
-- BLUEGENE - make sure we only set the jobinfo_select start_loc on a job
when we are on a small block, not a regular one.
-- BGQ - fix issue where not copying the correct amount of memory.
-- BLUEGENE - fix clean start if jobs were running when the slurmctld was
shutdown and then the system size changed. This would probably only happen
if you were emulating a system.
-- Fix sview for calling a cray system from a non-cray system to get the
correct geometry of the system.
-- BLUEGENE - fix to correctly import pervious version of block state file.
-- BLUEGENE - handle loading better when doing a clean start with static
-- Add sinfo format and sort option "%n" for NodeHostName and "%o" for
-- If a job is deferred due to partition limits, then re-test those limits
after a partition is modified. Patch from Don Lipari.
-- Fix bug which would crash slurmcld if job's owner (not root) tries to clear
a job's licenses by setting value to "".
-- Cosmetic fix for printing out debug info in the priority plugin.
-- In sview when switching from a bluegene machine to a regular linux cluster
and vice versa the node->base partition lists will be displayed if setup
in your .slurm/sviewrc file.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix for creating full system static block on a BGQ system.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix deadlock issue if toggling between Dynamic and Static block
allocation with jobs running on blocks that don't exist in the static
-- BLUEGENE - Modify code to only give HTC states to BGP systems and not
allow them on Q systems.
-- BLUEGENE - Make it possible for an admin to define multiple dimension
conn_types in a block definition.
-- BGQ - Alter tools to output multiple dimensional conn_type.
* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.rc2
-- With sched/wiki or sched/wiki2 (Maui or Moab scheduler), insure that a
requeued job's priority is reset to zero.
-- BLUEGENE - fix to run steps correctly in a BGL/P emulated system.
-- Fixed issue where if there was a network issue between the slurmctld and
the DBD where both remained up but were disconnected the slurmctld would
get registered again with the DBD.
-- Fixed issue where if the DBD connection from the ctld goes away because of
a POLLERR the dbd_fail callback is called.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix to smap command-line mode display.
-- Change in GRES behavior for job steps: A job step's default generic
resource allocation will be set to that of the job. If a job step's --gres
value is set to "none" then none of the generic resources which have been
allocated to the job will be allocated to the job step.
-- Add srun environment value of SLURM_STEP_GRES to set default --gres value
for a job step.
-- Require SchedulerTimeSlice configuration parameter to be at least 5 seconds
to avoid thrashing slurmd daemon.
-- Cray - Fix to make nodes state in accounting consistent with state set by
-- Cray - A node DOWN to ALPS will be marked DOWN to SLURM only after reaching
SlurmdTimeout. In the interim, the node state will be NO_RESPOND. This
change makes behavior makes SLURM handling of the node DOWN state more
consistent with ALPS. This change effects only Cray systems.
-- Cray - Fix to work with 4.0.* instead of just 4.0.0
-- Cray - Modify srun/aprun wrapper to map --exclusive to -F exclusive and
--share to -F share. Note this does not consider the partition's Shared
configuration, so it is an imperfect mapping of options.
-- BLUEGENE - Added notice in the print config to tell if you are emulated
or not.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix job step scalability issue with large task count.
-- BGQ - Improved c-node selection when asked for a sub-block job that
cannot fit into the available shape.
-- BLUEGENE - Modify "scontrol show step" to show I/O nodes (BGL and BGP) or
c-nodes (BGQ) allocated to each step. Change field name from "Nodes=" to
-- Code cleanup on step request to get the correct select_jobinfo.
-- Memory leak fixed for rolling up accounting with down clusters.
-- BGQ - fix issue where if first job step is the entire block and then the
next parallel step is ran on a sub block, SLURM won't over subscribe cnodes.
-- Treat duplicate switch name in topology.conf as fatal error. Patch from Rod
Schultz, Bull
-- Minor update to documentation describing the AllowGroups option for a
partition in the slurm.conf.
-- Fix problem with _job_create() when not using qos's. It makes
_job_create() consistent with similar logic in select_nodes().
-- GrpCPURunMins in a QOS flushed out.
-- Fix for squeue -t "CONFIGURING" to actually work.
-- CRAY - Add cray.conf parameter of SyncTimeout, maximum time to defer job
scheduling if SLURM node or job state are out of synchronization with ALPS.
-- If salloc was run as interactive, with job control, reset the foreground
process group of the terminal to the process group of the parent pid before
exiting. Patch from Don Albert, Bull.
-- BGQ - set up the corner of a sub block correctly based on a relative
position in the block instead of absolute.
-- BGQ - make sure the recently added select_jobinfo of a step launch request
isn't sent to the slurmd where environment variables would be overwritten
* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.rc1
-- select/cray: Add support for Accelerator information including model and
memory options.
-- Cray systems: Add support to suspend/resume salloc command to insure that
aprun does not get initiated when the job is suspended. Processes suspended
and resumed are determined by using process group ID and parent process ID,
so some processes may be missed. Since salloc runs as a normal user, it's
ability to identify processes associated with a job is limited.
-- Cray systems: Modify smap and sview to display all nodes even if multiple
nodes exist at each coordinate.
-- Improve efficiency of select/linear plugin with topology/tree plugin
configured, Patch by Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
-- For front-end architectures on which job steps are run (emulated Cray and
BlueGene systems only), fix bug that would free memory still in use.
-- Add squeue support to display a job's license information. Patch by Andy
Roosen (University of Deleware).
-- Add flag to the select APIs for job suspend/resume indicating if the action
is for gang scheduling or an explicit job suspend/resume by the user. Only
an explicit job suspend/resume will reset the job's priority and make
resources exclusively held by the job available to other jobs.
-- Fix possible invalid memory reference in sched/backfill. Patch by Andriy
Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
-- Add select_jobinfo to the task launch RPC. Based upon patch by Andriy
Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
-- Add DefMemPerCPU/Node and MaxMemPerCPU/Node to partition configuration.
This improves flexibility when gang scheduling only specific partitions.
-- Added new enums to print out when a job is held by a QOS instead of an
association limit.
-- Enhancements to sched/backfill performance with select/cons_res plugin.
Patch from Bjørn-Helge Mevik, University of Oslo.
-- Correct job run time reported by smap for suspended jobs.
-- Improve job preemption logic to avoid preempting more jobs than needed.
-- Add contribs/arrayrun tool providing support for job arrays. Contributed by
Bjørn-Helge Mevik, University of Oslo. NOTE: Not currently packaged as RPM
and manual file editing is required.
-- When suspending a job, wait 2 seconds instead of 1 second between sending
SIGTSTP and SIGSTOP. Some MPI implementation were not stopping within the
1 second delay.
-- Add support for managing devices based upon Linux cgroup container. Based
upon patch by Yiannis Georgiou, Bull.
-- Fix memory buffering bug if a AllowGroups parameter of a partition has 100
or more users. Patch by Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
-- Fix bug in generic resource tracking of gres associated with specific CPUs.
Resources were being over-allocated.
-- On systems with front-end nodes (IBM BlueGene and Cray) limit batch jobs to
only one CPU of these shared resources.
-- Set SLURM_MEM_PER_CPU or SLURM_MEM_PER_NODE environment variables for both
interactive (salloc) and batch jobs if the job has a memory limit. For Cray
systems also set CRAY_AUTO_APRUN_OPTIONS environment variable with the
memory limit.
-- Fix bug in select/cons_res task distribution logic when tasks-per-node=0.
Patch from Rod Schultz, Bull.
-- Restore node configuration information (CPUs, memory, etc.) for powered
down when slurmctld daemon restarts rather than waiting for the node to be
restored to service and getting the information from the node (NOTE: Only
relevent if FastSchedule=0).
-- For Cray systems with the srun2aprun wrapper, rebuild the srun man page
identifying the srun optioins which are valid on that system.
-- BlueGene: Permit users to specify a separate connection type for each
dimension (e.g. "--conn-type=torus,mesh,torus").
-- Add the ability for a user to limit the number of leaf switches in a job's
allocation using the --switch option of salloc, sbatch and srun. There is
also a new SchedulerParameters value of max_switch_wait, which a SLURM
administrator can used to set a maximum job delay and prevent a user job
from blocking lower priority jobs for too long. Based on work by Rod
Schultz, Bull.
* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre6
-- Modify job expansion logic to support licenses, generic resources, and
currently running job steps.
-- Added an rpath if using the --with-munge option of configure.
-- Add support for multiple sets of DEFAULT node, partition, and frontend
specifications in slurm.conf so that default values can be changed mulitple
times as the configuration file is read.
-- BLUEGENE - Improved logic to place small blocks in free space before freeing
larger blocks.
-- Add optional argument to srun's --kill-on-bad-exit so that user can set
its value to zero and override a SLURM configuration parameter of
-- Fix bug in GraceTime support for preempted jobs that prevented proper
operation when more than one job was being preempted. Based on patch from
Bill Brophy, Bull.
-- Fix for running sview from a non-bluegene cluster to a bluegene cluster.
Regression from pre5.
-- If job's TMPDIR environment is not set or is not usable, reset to "/tmp".
Patch from Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
-- Remove logic for defunct RPC: DBD_GET_JOBS.
-- Propagate DebugFlag changes by scontrol to the plugins.
-- Improve accuracy of REQUEST_JOB_WILL_RUN start time with respect to higher
priority pending jobs.
-- Add -R/--reservation option to squeue command as a job filter.
-- Add scancel support for --clusters option.
-- Note that scontrol and sprio can only support a single cluster at one time.
-- Add support to salloc for a new environment variable SALLOC_KILL_CMD.
-- Add scontrol ability to increment or decrement a job or step time limit.
-- Add support for SLURM_TIME_FORMAT environment variable to control time
stamp output format. Work by Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
-- Fix error handling in mvapich plugin that could cause srun to enter an
infinite loop under rare circumstances.
-- Add support for multiple task plugins. Patch from Andriy Grytsenko (Massive
Solutions Limited).
-- Addition of per-user node/cpu limits for QOS's. Patch from Aaron Knister,
-- Fix logic for multiple job resize operations.
-- BLUEGENE - many fixes to make things work correctly on a L/P system.
-- Fix bug in layout of job step with --nodelist option plus node count. Old
code could allocate too few nodes.
* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre5
-- BLUEGENE - Improve speed of start up when removing blocks at the beginning.
-- Correct init.d/slurm status to have non-zero exit code if ANY Slurm
damon that should be running on the node is not running. Patch from Rod
Schulz, Bull.
-- Improve accuracy of response to "srun --test-only jobid=#".
-- Fix bug in front-end configurations which reports job_cnt_comp underflow
errors after slurmctld restarts.
-- Eliminate "error from _trigger_slurmctld_event in backup.c" due to lack of
event triggers.
-- Fix logic in BackupController to properly recover front-end node state and
avoid purging active jobs.
-- Added man pages to html pages and the new cpu_management.html page.
Submitted by Martin Perry / Rod Schultz, Bull.
-- Job dependency information will only show the currently active dependencies
rather than the original dependencies. From Dan Rusak, Bull.
-- Add RPCs to get the SPANK environment variables from the slurmctld daemon.
Patch from Andrej N. Gritsenko.
-- Updated plugins/task/cgroup/task_cgroup_cpuset.c to support newer
-- Do not build select/bluegene plugin if C++ compiler is not installed.
-- Add new configure option --with-srun2aprun to build an srun command
which is a wrapper over Cray's aprun command and supports many srun
options. Without this option, the srun command will advise the user
to use the aprun command.
-- Change container ID supported by proctrack plugin from 32-bit to 64-bit.
-- Added contribs/cray/libalps_test_programs.tar.gz with tools to validate
SLURM's logic used to support Cray systems.
-- Create RPM for srun command that is a wrapper for the Cray/ALPS aprun
command. Dependent upon .rpmmacros parameter of "%_with_srun2aprun".
-- Add configuration parameter MaxStepCount to limit effect of bad batch
-- Moving to github
-- Fix for handling a 2.3 system talking to a 2.2 slurmctld.
-- Add contribs/lua/job_submit.license.lua script. Update job_submit and Lua
related documentation.
-- Test if _make_batch_script() is called with a NULL script.
-- Increase hostlist support from 24k to 64k nodes.
-- Renamed the Accounting Storage database's "DerivedExitString" job field to
"Comment". Provided backward compatible support for "DerivedExitString" in
the sacctmgr tool.
-- Added the ability to save the job's comment field to the Accounting
Storage db (to the formerly named, "DerivedExitString" job field). This
behavior is enabled by a new slurm.conf parameter:
-- Test if _make_batch_script() is called with a NULL script.
-- Increase hostlist support from 24k to 64k nodes.
-- Fix srun to handle signals correctly when waiting for a step creation.
-- Preserve the last job ID across slurmctld daemon restarts even if the job
state file can not be fully recovered.
-- Made the hostlist functions be able to arbitrarily handle any size
dimension no matter what the size of the cluster is in dimensions.
* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre4
-- Add GraceTime to Partition and QOS data structures. Preempted jobs will be
given this time interval before termination. Work by Bill Brophy, Bull.
-- Add the ability for scontrol and sview to modify slurmctld DebugFlags
-- Various Cray-specific patches:
- Fix a bug in distinguishing XT from XE.
- Avoids problems with empty nodenames on Cray.
- Check whether ALPS is hanging on to nodes, which happens if ALPS has not
yet cleaned up the node partition.
- Stops select/cray from clobbering node_ptr->reason.
- Perform 'safe' release of ALPS reservations using inventory and apkill.
- Compile-time sanity check for the apbasil and apkill files.
- Changes error handling in do_basil_release() (called by
- Warn that salloc --no-shell option is not supported on Cray systems.
-- Add a reservation flag of "License_Only". If set, then jobs using the
reservation may use the licenses associated with it plus any compute nodes.
Otherwise the job is limited to the compute nodes associated with the
-- Change slurm.conf node configuration parameter from "Procs" to "CPUs".
Both parameters will be supported for now.
-- BLUEGENE - fix for when user requests only midplane names with no count at
job submission time to process the node count correctly.
-- Fix job step resource allocation problem when both node and tasks counts
are specified. New logic selects nodes with larger CPU counts as needed.
-- BGQ - make it so srun wraps runjob (still under construction, but works
for most cases)
-- Permit a job's QOS and Comment field to both change in a single RPC. This
was previously disabled since Moab stored the QOS within the Comment field.
-- Add support for jobs to expand in size. Submit additional batch job with
the option "--dependency=expand:<jobid>". See web page "faq.html#job_size"
for details. Restrictions to be removed in the future.
-- Added --with-alps-emulation to configure, and also an optional cray.conf
to setup alps location and database information.
-- Modify PMI data types from 16-bits to 32-bits in order to support MPICH2
jobs with more than 65,536 tasks. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
-- Set slurmd's soft process CPU limit equal to it's hard limit and notify the
user if the limit is not infinite.
-- Added proctrack/cgroup and task/cgroup plugins from Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
-- Fix slurmctld restart logic that could leave nodes in UNKNOWN state for a
longer time than necessary after restart.
* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre3
-- BGQ - Appears to work correctly in emulation mode, no sub blocks just yet.
-- Minor typos fixed
-- Various bug fixes for Cray systems.
-- Fix bug that when setting a compute node to idle state, it was failing to
set the systems up_node_bitmap.
-- BLUEGENE - code reorder
-- BLUEGENE - Now only one select plugin for all Bluegene systems.
-- Modify srun to set the SLURM_JOB_NAME environment variable when srun is
used to create a new job allocation. Not set when srun is used to create a
job step within an existing job allocation.
-- Modify init.d/slurm script to start multiple slurmd daemons per compute
node if so configured. Patch from Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
-- Change license data structure counters from uint16_t to uint32_t to support
larger license counts.
* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre2
-- Log a job's requeue or cancellation due to preemption to that job's stderr:
"*** JOB 65547 CANCELLED AT 2011-01-21T12:59:33 DUE TO PREEMPTION ***".
-- Added new job termination state of JOB_PREEMPTED, "PR" or "PREEMPTED" to
indicate job termination was due to preemption.
-- Optimize advanced reservations resource selection for computer topology.
The logic has been added to select/linear and select/cons_res, but will
not be enabled until the other select plugins are modified.
-- Remove checkpoint/xlch plugin.
-- Disable deletion of partitions that have unfinished jobs (pending,
running or suspended states). Patch from Martin Perry, BULL.
-- In sview, disable the sorting of node records by name at startup for
clusters over 1000 nodes. Users can enable this by selecting the "Name"
tab. This change dramatically improves scalability of sview.
-- Report error when trying to change a node's state from scontrol for Cray
-- Do not attempt to read the batch script for non-batch jobs. This patch
eliminates some inappropriate error messages.
-- Preserve NodeHostName when reordering nodes due to system topology.
-- On Cray/ALPS systems do node inventory before scheduling jobs.
-- Disable some salloc options on Cray systems.
-- Disable scontrol's wait_job command on Cray systems.
-- Disable srun command on native Cray/ALPS systems.
-- Updated configure option "--enable-cray-emulation" (still under
development) to emulate a cray XT/XE system, and auto-detect a real
Cray XT/XE systems (removed no longer needed --enable-cray configure
option). Building on native Cray systems requires the
cray-MySQL-devel-enterprise rpm and expat XML parser library/headers.
* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre1
-- Added that when a slurmctld closes the connection to the database it's
registered host and port are removed.
-- Added flag to slurmdbd.conf TrackSlurmctldDown where if set will mark idle
resources as down on a cluster when a slurmctld disconnects or is no
longer reachable.
-- Added support for more than one front-end node to run slurmd on
architectures where the slurmd does not execute on the compute nodes
(e.g. BlueGene). New configuration parameters FrontendNode and FrontendAddr
added. See "man slurm.conf" for more information.
-- With the scontrol show job command when using the --details option, show
a batch job's script.
-- Add ability to create reservations or partitions and submit batch jobs
using sview. Also add the ability to delete reservations and partitions.
-- Added new configuration parameter MaxJobId. Once reached, restart job ID
values at FirstJobId.
-- When restarting slurmctld with priority/basic, increment all job priorities
so the highest job priority becomes TOP_PRIORITY.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.8
-- Prevent background salloc disconnecting terminal at termination. Patch by
Don Albert, Bull.
-- Fixed issue where preempt mode is skipped when creating a QOS. Patch by
Bill Brophy, Bull.
-- Fixed documention (html) for PriorityUsageResetPeriod to match that in the
man pages. Patch by Nancy Kritkausky, Bull.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.7
-- Eliminate zombie process created if salloc exits with stopped child
process. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
-- With default configuration on non-Cray systems, enable salloc to be
spawned as a background process. Based upon work by Don Albert (Bull) and
Gerrit Renker (CSCS).
-- Fixed Regression from 2.2.4 in accounting where an inherited limit
would not be set correctly in the added child association.
-- Fixed issue with accounting when asking for jobs with a hostlist.
-- Avoid clearing a node's Arch, OS, BootTime and SlurmdStartTime when
"scontrol reconfig" is run. Patch from Martin Perry, Bull.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.6
-- Fix displaying of account coordinators with sacctmgr. Possiblity to show
deleted accounts. Only a cosmetic issue, since the accounts are already
deleted, and have no associations.
-- Prevent opaque ncurses WINDOW struct on OS X 10.6.
-- Fix issue with accounting when using PrivateData=jobs... users would not be
able to view there own jobs unless they were admin or coordinators which is
obviously wrong.
-- Fix bug in node stat if slurmctld is restarted while nodes are in the
process of being powered up. Patch from Andriy Grytsenko.
-- Change maximum batch script size from 128k to 4M.
-- Get slurmd -f option working. Patch from Andriy Grytsenko.
-- Fix for linking problem on OSX. Patches from Jon Bringhurst (LANL) and
Tyler Strickland.
-- Reset a job's priority to zero (suspended) when Moab requeues the job.
Patch from Par Andersson, NSC.
-- When enforcing accounting, fix polling for unknown uids for users after
the slurmctld started. Previously one would have to issue a reconfigure
to the slurmctld to have it look for new uids.
-- BLUEGENE - if a block goes into an error state. Fix issue where accounting
wasn't updated correctly when the block was resumed.
-- Synchronize power-save module better with scheduler. Patch from
Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
-- Avoid SEGV in association logic with user=NULL. Patch from
Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
-- Fixed issue in accounting where it was possible for a new
association/wckey to be set incorrectly as a default the new object
was added after an original default object already existed. Before
the slurmctld would need to be restarted to fix the issue.
-- Updated the Normalized Usage section in priority_multifactor.shtml.
-- Disable use of SQUEUE_FORMAT env var if squeue -l, -o, or -s option is
used. Patch from Aaron Knister (UMBC).
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.5
-- Correct init.d/slurm status to have non-zero exit code if ANY Slurm
damon that should be running on the node is not running. Patch from Rod
Schulz, Bull.
-- Improve accuracy of response to "srun --test-only jobid=#".
-- Correct logic to properly support --ntasks-per-node option in the
select/cons_res plugin. Patch from Rod Schulz, Bull.
-- Fix bug in select/cons_res with respect to generic resource (gres)
scheduling which prevented some jobs from starting as soon as possible.
-- Fix memory leak in select/cons_res when backfill scheduling generic
resources (gres).
-- Fix for when configuring a node with more resources than in real life
and using task/affinity.
-- Fix so slurmctld will pack correctly 2.1 step information. (Only needed if
a 2.1 client is talking to a 2.2 slurmctld.)
-- Set powered down node's state to IDLE+POWER after slurmctld restart instead
of leaving in UNKNOWN+POWER. Patch from Andrej Gritsenko.
-- Fix bug where is srun's executable is not on it's current search path, but
can be found in the user's default search path. Modify slurmstepd to find
the executable. Patch from Andrej Gritsenko.
-- Make sview display correct cpu count for steps.
-- BLUEGENE - when running in overlap mode make sure to check the connection
type so you can create overlapping blocks on the exact same nodes with
different connection types (i.e. one torus, one mesh).
-- Fix memory leak if MPI ports are reserved (for OpenMPI) and srun's
--resv-ports option is used.
-- Fix some anomalies in select/cons_res task layout when using the
--cpus-per-task option. Patch from Martin Perry, Bull.
-- Improve backfill scheduling logic when job specifies --ntasks-per-node and
--mem-per-cpu options on a heterogeneous cluster. Patch from Bjorn-Helge
Mevik, University of Oslo.
-- Print warning message if srun specifies --cpus-per-task larger than used
to create job allocation.
-- Fix issue when changing a users name in accounting, if using wckeys would
execute correctly, but bad memcopy would core the DBD. No information
would be lost or corrupted, but you would need to restart the DBD.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.4
-- For batch jobs for which the Prolog fails, substitute the job ID for any
"%j" in the job's output or error file specification.
-- Add licenses field to the sview reservation information.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix for handling extremely overloaded system on Dynamic system
dealing with starting jobs on overlapping blocks. Previous fallout
was job would be requeued. (happens very rarely)
-- In accounting_storage/filetxt plugin, substitute spaces within job names,
step names, and account names with an underscore to insure proper parsing.
-- When building contribs/perlapi ignore both INSTALL_BASE and PERL_MM_OPT.
Use PREFIX instead to avoid build errors from multiple installation
-- Add job_submit/cnode plugin to support resource reservations of less than
a full midplane on BlueGene computers. Treat cnodes as liceses which can
be reserved and are consumed by jobs. This reservation mechanism for less
than an entire midplane is still under development.
-- Clear a job's "reason" field when a held job is released.
-- When releasing a held job, calculate a new priority for it rather than
just setting the priority to 1.
-- Fix for sview started on a non-bluegene system to pick colors correctly
when talking to a real bluegene system.
-- Improve sched/backfill's expected start time calculation.
-- Prevent abort of sacctmgr for dump command with invalid (or no) filename.
-- Improve handling of job updates when using limits in accounting, and
updating jobs as a non-admin user.
-- Fix for "squeue --states=all" option. Bug would show no jobs.
-- Schedule jobs with reservations before those without reservations.
-- Fix squeue/scancel to query correctly against accounts of different case.
-- Abort an srun command when it's associated job gets aborted due to a
dependency that can not be satisfied.
-- In jobcomp plugins, report start time of zeroif pending job is cancelled.
Previously may report expected start time.
-- Fixed sacctmgr man to state correct variables.
-- Select nodes based upon their Weight when job allocation requests include
a constraint field with a count (e.g. "srun --constraint=gpu*2 -N4 a.out").
-- Add support for user names that are entirely numeric and do not treat them
as UID values. Patch from Dennis Leepow.
-- Patch to un/pack double values properly if negative value. Patch from
Dennis Leepow
-- Do not reset a job's priority when requeued or suspended.
-- Fix problemm that could let new jobs start on a node in DRAINED state.
-- Fix cosmetic sacctmgr issue where if the user you are trying to add
doesn't exist in the /etc/passwd file and the account you are trying
to add them to doesn't exist it would print (null) instead of the bad
account name.
-- Fix associations/qos for when adding back a previously deleted object
the object will be cleared of all old limits.
-- BLUEGENE - Added back a lock when creating dynamic blocks to be more thread
safe on larger systems with heavy load.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.3
-- Update srun, salloc, and sbatch man page description of --distribution
option. Patches from Rod Schulz, Bull.
-- Applied patch from Martin Perry to fix "Incorrect results for task/affinity
block second distribution and cpus-per-task > 1" bug.
-- Avoid setting a job's eligible time while held (priority == 0).
-- Substantial performance improvement to backfill scheduling. Patch from
Bjorn-Helge Mevik, University of Oslo.
-- Make timeout for communications to the slurmctld be based upon the
MessageTimeout configuration parameter rather than always 3 seconds.
Patch from Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
-- Add new scontrol option of "show aliases" to report every NodeName that is
associated with a given NodeHostName when running multiple slurmd daemons
per compute node (typically used for testing purposes). Patch from
Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
-- Fix for handling job names with a "'" in the name within MySQL accounting.
Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
-- Modify condition under which salloc execution delayed until moved to the
foreground. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
Job control for interactive salloc sessions: only if ...
a) input is from a terminal (stdin has valid termios attributes),
b) controlling terminal exists (non-negative tpgid),
c) salloc is not run in allocation-only (--no-shell) mode,
d) salloc runs in its own process group (true in interactive
shells that support job control),
e) salloc has been configured at compile-time to support background
execution and is not currently in the background process group.
-- Abort salloc if no controlling terminal and --no-shell option is not used
("setsid salloc ..." is disabled). Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
-- Fix to gang scheduling logic which could cause jobs to not be suspended
or resumed when appropriate.
-- Applied patch from Martin Perry to fix "Slurmd abort when using task
affinity with plane distribution" bug.
-- Applied patch from Yiannis Georgiou to fix "Problem with cpu binding to
sockets option" behaviour. This change causes "--cpu_bind=sockets" to bind
tasks only to the CPUs on each socket allocated to the job rather than all
CPUs on each socket.
-- Advance daily or weekly reservations immediately after termination to avoid
having a job start that runs into the reservation when later advanced.
-- Fix for enabling users to change there own default account, wckey, or QOS.
-- BLUEGENE - If using OVERLAP mode fixed issue with multiple overlapping
blocks in error mode.
-- Fix for sacctmgr to display correctly default accounts.
-- scancel -s SIGKILL will always sent the RPC to the slurmctld rather than
the slurmd daemon(s). This insures that tasks in the process of getting
spawned are killed.
-- BLUEGENE - If using OVERLAP mode fixed issue with jobs getting denied
at submit if the only option for their job was overlapping a block in
error state.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.2
-- Correct logic to set correct job hold state (admin or user) when setting
the job's priority using scontrol's "update jobid=..." rather than its
"hold" or "holdu" commands.
-- Modify squeue to report unset --mincores, --minthreads or --extra-node-info
values as "*" rather than 65534. Patch from Rod Schulz, BULL.
-- Report the StartTime of a job as "Unknown" rather than the year 2106 if its
expected start time was too far in the future for the backfill scheduler
to compute.
-- Prevent a pending job reason field from inappropriately being set to
-- In sched/backfill with jobs having QOS_FLAG_NO_RESERVE set, then don't
consider the job's time limit when attempting to backfill schedule. The job
will just be preempted as needed at any time.
-- Eliminated a bug in sbatch when no valid target clusters are specified.
-- When explicitly sending a signal to a job with the scancel command and that
job is in a pending state, then send the request directly to the slurmctld
daemon and do not attempt to send the request to slurmd daemons, which are
not running the job anyway.
-- In slurmctld, properly set the up_node_bitmap when setting it's state to
IDLE (in case the previous node state was DOWN).
-- Fix smap to process block midplane names correctly when on a bluegene
-- Fix smap to once again print out the Letter 'ID' for each line of a block/
partition view.
-- Corrected the NOTES section of the scancel man page
-- Fix for accounting_storage/mysql plugin to correctly query cluster based
-- Fix issue when updating database for clusters that were previously deleted
before upgrade to 2.2 database.
-- BLUEGENE - Handle mesh torus check better in dynamic mode.
-- BLUEGENE - Fixed race condition when freeing block, most likely only would
happen in emulation.
-- Fix for calculating used QOS limits correctly on a slurmctld reconfig.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix for bad conn-type set when running small blocks in HTC mode.
-- If salloc's --no-shell option is used, then do not attempt to preserve the
terminal's state.
-- Add new SLURM configure time parameter of --disable-salloc-background. If
set, then salloc can only execute in the foreground. If started in the
background, then a message will be printed and the job allocation halted
until brought into the foreground.
-- Added the Multi-Cluster Operation web page.
-- Removed remnant code for enforcing max sockets/cores/threads in the
cons_res plugin (see last item in 2.1.0-pre5). This was responsible
for a bug reported by Rod Schultz.
-- BLUEGENE - Set correct env vars for HTC mode on a P system to get correct
-- Correct RunTime reported by "scontrol show job" for pending jobs.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.1
-- Fix setting derived exit code correctly for jobs that happen to have the
same jobid.
-- Better checking for time overflow when rolling up in accounting.
-- Add scancel --reservation option to cancel all jobs associated with a
specific reservation.
-- Treat reservation with no nodes like one that starts later (let jobs of any
size get queued and do not block any pending jobs).
-- Fix bug in gang scheduling logic that would temporarily resume to many jobs
after a job completed.
-- Change srun message about job step being deferred due to SlurmctldProlog
running to be more clear and only print when --verbose option is used.
-- Made it so you could remove the hold on jobs with sview by setting the
priority to infinite.
-- BLUEGENE - better checking small blocks in dynamic mode whether a full
midplane job could run or not.
-- Decrease the maximum sleep time between srun job step creation retry
attempts from 60 seconds to 29 seconds. This should eliminate a possible
synchronization problem with gang scheduling that could result in job
step creation requests only occuring when a job is suspended.
-- Fix to prevent changing a held job's state from HELD to DEPENDENCY
until the job is released. Patch from Rod Schultz, Bull.
-- Fixed sprio -M to reflect PriorityWeight values from remote cluster.
-- Fix bug in sview when trying to update arbitrary field on more than one
job. Formerly would display information about one job, but update next
selected job.
-- Made it so QOS with UsageFactor set to 0 would make it so jobs running
under that QOS wouldn't add time to fairshare or association/qos
-- Fixed issue where QOS priority wasn't re-normalized until a slurmctld
restart when a QOS priority was changed.
-- Fix sprio to use calculated numbers from slurmctld instead of
calulating it own numbers.
-- BLUEGENE - fixed race condition with preemption where if the wind blows the
right way the slurmctld could lock up when preempting jobs to run others.
-- BLUEGENE - fixed epilog to wait until MMCS job is totally complete before
-- BLUEGENE - more robust checking for states when freeing blocks.
-- Added correct files to the slurm.spec file for correct perl api rpm
-- Added flag "NoReserve" to a QOS to make it so all jobs are created equal
within a QOS. So if larger, higher priority jobs are unable to run they
don't prevent smaller jobs from running even if running the smaller
jobs delay the start of the larger, higher priority jobs.
-- BLUEGENE - Check preemptees one by one to preempt lower priority jobs first
instead of first fit.
-- In select/cons_res, correct handling of the option
-- Fix for checking QOS to override partition limits, previously if not using
QOS some limits would be overlooked.
-- Fix bug which would terminate a job step if any of the nodes allocated to
it were removed from the job's allocation. Now only the tasks on those
nodes are terminated.
-- Fixed issue when using a storage_accounting plugin directly without the
slurmDBD updates weren't always sent correctly to the slurmctld, appears to
OS dependent, reported by Fredrik Tegenfeldt.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0
-- Change format of Duration field in "scontrol show reservation" output from
an integer number of minutes to "[days-]hours:minutes:seconds".
-- Add support for changing the reservation of pending or running jobs.
-- On Cray systems only, salloc sends SIGKILL to spawned process group when
job allocation is revoked. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
-- Fix for sacctmgr to work correctly when modifying user associations where
all the associations contain a partition.
-- Minor mods to salloc signal handling logic: forwards more signals and
releases allocation on real-time signals. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
-- Add salloc logic to preserve tty attributes after abnormal exit. Patch
from Mark Grondona, LLNL.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix for issue in dynamic mode when trying to create a block
overlapping a block with no job running on it but in configuring state.
-- BLUEGENE - Speedup by skipping blocks that are deallocating for other jobs
when starting overlapping jobs in dynamic mode.
-- Fix for sacct --state to work correctly when not specifying a start time.
-- Fix upgrade process in accounting from 2.1 for clusters named "cluster".
-- Export more jobacct_common symbols needed for the slurm api on some systems.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.rc4
-- Correction in logic to spread out over time highly parallel messages to
minimize lost messages. Effects slurmd epilog complete messages and PMI
key-pair transmissions. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
-- Fixed issue where if a system has unset messages to the dbd in 2.1 and
upgrades to 2.2. Messages are now processed correctly now.
-- Fixed issue where assoc_mgr cache wasn't always loaded correctly if the
slurmdbd wasn't running when the slurmctld was started.
-- Make sure on a pthread create in step launch that the error code is looked
at. Improves fault-tolerance of slurmd.
-- Fix setting up default acct/wckey when upgrading from 2.1 to 2.2.
-- Fix issue with associations attached to a specific partition with no other
association, and requesting a different partition.
-- Added perlapi to the slurmdb to the slurm.spec.
-- In sched/backfill, correct handling of CompleteWait parameter to avoid
backfill scheduling while a job is completing. Patch from Gerrit Renker,
-- Send message back to user when trying to launch job on computing lacking
that user ID. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix it so 1 midplane clusters will run small block jobs.
-- Add Command and WorkDir to the output of "scontrol show job" for job
allocations created using srun (not just sbatch).
-- Fixed sacctmgr to not add blank defaultqos' when doing a cluster dump.
-- Correct processing of memory and disk space specifications in the salloc,
sbatch, and srun commands to work properly with a suffix of "MB", "GB",
etc. and not only with a single letter (e.g. "M", "G", etc.).
-- Prevent nodes with suspended jobs from being powered down by SLURM.
-- Normalized the way pidfile are created by the slurm daemons.
-- Fixed modifying the root association to no read in it's last value
when clearing a limit being set.
-- Revert some resent signal handling logic from salloc so that SIGHUP sent
after the job allocation will properly release the allocation and cause
salloc to exit.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix for recreating a block in a ready state.
-- Fix debug flags for incorrect logic when dealing with DEBUG_FLAG_WIKI.
-- Report reservation's Nodes as a hostlist expression of all nodes rather
than using "ALL".
-- Fix reporting of nodes in BlueGene reservation (was reporting CPU count
rather than cnode count in scontrol output for NodeCnt field).
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.rc3
-- Modify sacctmgr command to accept plural versions of options (e.g. "Users"
in addition to "User"). Patch from Don Albert, BULL.
-- BLUEGENE - make it so reset of boot counter happens only on state change
and not when a new job comes along.
-- Modify srun and salloc signal handling so they can be interrupted while
waiting for an allocation. This was broken in version 2.2.0.rc2.
-- Fix NULL pointer reference in sview. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
-- Fix file descriptor leak in slurmstepd on spank_task_post_fork() failure.
Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
-- Fix bug in preserving job state information when upgrading from SLURM
version 2.1. Bug introduced in version 2.2.0-pre10. Patch from Par
Andersson, NSC.
-- Fix bug where if using the slurmdbd if a job wasn't able to start right
away some accounting information may be lost.
-- BLUEGENE - when a prolog failure happens the offending block is put in
an error state.
-- Changed the last column heading of the sshare output from "FS Usage" to
"FairShare" and added more detail to the sshare man page.
-- Fix bug in enforcement of reservation by account name. Used wrong index
into an array. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
-- Modify job_submit/lua plugin to treat any non-zero return code from the
job_submit and job_modify functions as an error and the user request should
be aborted.
-- Fix bug which would permit pending job to be started on completing node
when job preemption is configured.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.rc2
-- Fix memory leak in job step allocation logic. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
-- If a preempted job was submitted with the --no-requeue option then cancel
rather than requeue it.
-- Fix for problems when adding a user for the first time to a new cluster
with a 2.1 sacctmgr without specifying a default account.
-- Resend TERMINATE_JOB message only to nodes that the job still has not
terminated on. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
-- Treat time limit specification of "0:300" as a request for 300 seconds
(5 minutes) instead of one minute.
-- Modify sched/backfill plugin logic to continue working its way down the
queue of jobs rather than restarting at the top if there are no changes in
job, node, or partition state between runs. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
-- Improve scalability of select/cons_res logic. Patch from Matthieu Hautreux,
-- Fix for possible deadlock in the slurmstepd when cancelling a job that is
also writing a large amount of data to stderr.
-- Fix in select/cons_res to eliminate "mem underflow" error when the
slurmctld is reconfigured while a job is in completing state.
-- Send a message to the a user's job when it's real or virual memory limit
is exceeded. :
-- Apply rlimits right before execing the users task so to lower the risk of
the task exiting because the slurmstepd ran over a limit (log file size,
-- Add scontrol command of "uhold <job_id>" so that an administrator can hold
a job and let the job's owner release it. The scontrol command of
"hold <job_id>" when executed by a SLURM administrator can only be released
by a SLURM administrator and not the job owner.
-- Change atoi to slurm_atoul in mysql plugin, needed for running on 32-bit
systems in some cases.
-- If a batch job is found to be missing from a node, make its termination
state be NODE_FAIL rather than CANCELLED.
-- Fatal error put back if running a bluegene or cray plugin from a controller
not of that type.
-- Make sure jobacct_gather plugin is not shutdown before messing with the
proccess list.
-- Modify signal handling in srun and salloc commands to avoid deadlock if the
malloc function is interupted and called again. The malloc function is
thread safe, but not reentrant, which is a problem when signal handling if
the malloc function itself has a lock. Problem fixed by moving signal
handling in those commands to a new pthread.
-- In srun set job abort flag on completion to handle the case when a user
cancels a job while the node is not responding but slurmctld has not yet
the node down. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
-- Streamline the PMI logic if no duplicate keys are included in the key-pairs
managed. Substantially improves performance for large numbers of tasks.
Adds support for SLURM_PMI_KVS_NO_DUP_KEYS environment variable. Patch
from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
-- Fix issues with sview dealing with older versions of sview and saving
-- Remove references to --mincores, --minsockets, and --minthreads from the
salloc, sbatch and srun man pages. These options are defunct, Patch from
Rod Schultz, Bull.
-- Made openssl not be required to build RPMs, it is not required anymore
since munge is the default crypto plugin.
-- sacctmgr now has smarts to figure out if a qos is a default qos when
modifing a user/acct or removing a qos.
-- For reservations on BlueGene systems, set and report c-node counts rather
than midplane counts.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.rc1
-- Add show_flags parameter to the slurm_load_block_info() function.
-- perlapi has been brought up to speed courtesy of Hongjia Coa. (make sure to
run 'make clean' if building in a different dir than source)
-- Fixed regression in pre12 in crypto/munge when running with
--enable-multiple-slurmd which would cause the slurmd's to core.
-- Fixed regression where cpu count wasn't figured out correctly for steps.
-- Fixed issue when using old mysql that can't handle a '.' in the table
-- Mysql plugin works correctly without the SlurmDBD
-- Added ability to query batch step with sstat. Currently no accounting data
is stored for the batch step, but the internals are inplace if we decide to
do that in the future.
-- Fixed some backwards compatibility issues with 2.2 talking to 2.1.
-- Fixed regression where modifying associations didn't get sent to the
-- Made sshare sort things the same way saccmgr list assoc does
-- Fixed issue with default accounts being set up correctly.
-- Changed sortting in the slurmctld so sshare output is similar to that of
sacctmgr list assoc.
-- Modify reservation logic so that daily and weekly reservations maintain
the same time when daylight savings time starts or ends in the interim.
-- Edit to make reservations handle updates to associations.
-- Added the derived exit code to the slurmctld job record and the derived
exit code and string to the job record in the SLURM db.
-- Added slurm-sjobexit RPM for SLURM job exit code management tools.
-- Added ability to use sstat/sacct against the batch step.
-- Added OnlyDefaults option to sacctmgr list associations.
-- Modified the fairshare priority formula to F = 2**(-Ue/S)
-- Modify the PMI functions key-pair exchange function to support a 32-bit
counter for larger job sizes. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
-- In sched/builtin - Make the estimated job start time logic faster (borrowed
new logic from sched/backfill and added pthread) and more accurate.
-- In select/cons_res fix bug that could result in a job being allocated zero
CPUs on some nodes. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
-- Fix bug in sched/backfill that could set expected start time of a job too
far in the future.
-- Added ability to enforce new limits given to associations/qos on
pending jobs.
-- Increase max message size for the slurmdbd from 1000000 to 16*1024*1024
-- Increase number of active threads in the slurmdbd from 50 to 100
-- Fixed small bug in src/common/slurmdb_defs.c reported by Bjorn-Helge Mevik
-- Fixed sacctmgr's ability to query associations against qos again.
-- Fixed sview show config on non-bluegene systems.
-- Fixed bug in selecting jobs based on sacct -N option
-- Fix bug that prevented job Epilog from running more than once on a node if
a job was requeued and started no job steps.
-- Fixed issue where node index wasn't stored correcting when using DBD.
-- Enable srun's use of the --nodes option with --exclusive (previously the
--nodes option was ignored).
-- Added UsageThreshold and Flags to the QOS object.
-- Patch to improve threadsafeness in the mysql plugins.
-- Add support for fair-share scheduling to be based upon resource use at
the level of bank accounts and ignore use of individual users. Patch by
Par Andersson, National Supercomputer Centre, Sweden.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre12
-- Log if Prolog or Epilog run for longer than MessageTimeout / 2.
-- Log the RPC number associated with messages from slurmctld that timeout.
-- Fix bug in select/cons_res logic when job allocation includes --overcommit
and --ntasks-per-node options and the node has fewer CPUs than the count
specified by --ntasks-per-node.
-- Fix bug in gang scheduling and job preemption logic so that preempted jobs
get resumed properly after a slurmctld hot-start.
-- Fix bug in select/linear handling of gang scheduled jobs that could result
in run_job_cnt underflow error message.
-- Fix bug in gang scheduling logic to properly support partitions added
using the scontrol command.
-- Fix a segmentation fault in sview where the 'excluded_partitions' field
was set to NULL, caused by the absence of ~/.slurm/sviewrc.
-- Rewrote some calls to is_user_any_coord() in src/plugins/accounting_storage
modules to make use of is_user_any_coord()'s return value.
-- Add configure option of --with=dimensions=#.
-- Modify srun ping logic so that srun would only be considered not responsive
if three ping messages were not responded to. Patch from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
-- Preserve a node's ReasonTime field after scontrol reconfig command. Patch
from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
-- Added the authority for users with AdminLevel's defined in the SLURM db
(Operators and Admins) and account coordinators to invoke commands that
affect jobs, reservations, nodes, etc.
-- Fix for slurmd restart on completing node with no tasks to get the correct
state, completing. Patch from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
-- Prevent scontrol setting a node's Reason="". Patch from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
-- Add new functions hostlist_ranged_string_malloc,
hostlist_ranged_string_xmalloc, hostlist_deranged_string_malloc, and
hostlist_deranged_string_xmalloc which will allocate memory as needed.
-- Make the slurm commands support both the --cluster and --clusters option.
Previously, some commands support one of those options, but not the other.
-- Fix bug when resizing a job that has steps running on some of those nodes.
Avoid killing the job step on remaining nodes. Patch from Rod Schultz
(BULL). Also fix bug related to tracking the CPUs allocated to job steps
on each node after releasing some nodes from the job's allocation.
-- Applied patch from Rod Schultz / Matthieu Hautreux to keep the Node-to-Host
cache from becoming corrupted when a hostname cannot be resolved.
-- Export more symbols in libslurm for job and node state information
translation (numbers to strings). Patch from Hongia Cao, NUDT.
-- Add logic to retry sending RESPONSE_LAUNCH_TASKS messages from slurmd to
srun. Patch from Hongia Cao, NUDT.
-- Modify bit_unfmt_hexmask() and bit_unfmt_binmask() functions to clear the
bitmap input before setting the bits indicated in the input string.
-- Add SchedulerParameters option of bf_window to control how far into the
future that the backfill scheduler will look when considering jobs to start.
The default value is one day. See "man slurm.conf" for details.
-- Fix bug that can result in duplicate job termination records in accounting
for job termination when slurmctld restarts or reconfigures.
-- Modify plugin and library logic as needed to support use of the function
slurm_job_step_stat() from user commands.
-- Fix race condition in which PrologSlurmctld failure could cause slurmctld
to abort.
-- Fix bug preventing users in secondary user groups from being granted access
to partitions configured with AllowGroups.
-- Added support for a default account and wckey per cluster within accounting.
-- Modified select/cons_res plugin so that if MaxMemPerCPU is configured and a
job specifies it's memory requirement, then more CPUs than requested will
automatically be allocated to a job to honor the MaxMemPerCPU parameter.
-- Added the derived_ec (exit_code) member to job_info_t. exit_code captures
the exit code of the job script (or salloc) while derived_ec contains the
highest exit code of all the job steps.
-- Added SLURM_JOB_EXIT_CODE and SLURM_JOB_DERIVED_EC variables to the
EpilogSlurmctld environment
-- More work done on the accounting_storage/pgsql plugin, still beta.
Patch from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
-- Major updates to sview from Dan Rusak (Bull), including:
- Persistent option selections for each tab page
- Clean up topology in grids
- Leverage AllowGroups and Hidden options
- Cascade full-info popups for ease of selection
-- Add locks around the MySQL calls for proper operation if the non-thread
safe version of the MySQL library is used.
-- Remove libslurm.a, libpmi.a and libslurmdb.a from SLURM RPM. These static
libraries are not generally usable.
-- Fixed bug in sacctmgr when zeroing raw usage reported by Gerrit Renker.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre11
-- Permit a regular user to change the partition of a pending job.
-- Major re-write of the job_submit/lua plugin to pass pointers to available
partitions and use lua metatables to reference the job and partition fields.
-- Add support for serveral new trigger types: SlurmDBD failure/restart,
Database failure/restart, Slurmctld failure/restart.
-- Add support for SLURM_CLUSTERS environment variable in the sbatch, sinfo,
squeue commands.
-- Modify the sinfo and squeue commands to report state of multiple clusters
if the --clusters option is used.
-- Added printf __attribute__ qualifiers to info, debug, ... to help prevent
bad/incorrect parameters being sent to them. Original patch from
Eygene Ryabinkin (Russian Research Centre).
-- Fix bug in slurmctld job completion logic when nodes allocated to a
completing job are re-booted. Patch from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
-- In slurmctld's node record data structure, rename "hilbert_integer" to
-- Add topology/node_rank plugin to sort nodes based upon rank loaded from
BASIL on Cray computers.
-- Fix memory leak in the auth/munge and crypto/munge plugins in the case of
some failure modes.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre10
-- Fix issue when EnforcePartLimits=yes in slurm.conf all jobs where no nodecnt
was specified the job would be seen to have maxnodes=0 which would not
allow jobs to run.
-- Fix issue where if not suspending a job the gang scheduler does the correct
kill procedure.
-- Fixed some issues when dealing with jobs from a 2.1 system so they live
after an upgrade.
-- In srun, log if --cpu_bind options are specified, but not supported by the
current system configuration.
-- Various Patchs from Hongjia Cao dealing with bugs found in sacctmgr and
the slurmdbd.
-- Fix bug in changing the nodes allocated to a running job and some node
names specified are invalid, avoid invalid memory reference.
-- Fixed filename substitution of %h and %n based on patch from Ralph Bean
-- Added better job sorting logic when preempting jobs with qos.
-- Log the IP address and port number for some communication errors.
-- Fix bug in select/cons_res when --cpus_per_task option is used, could
oversubscribe resources.
-- In srun, do not implicitly set the job's maximum node count based upon a
required hostlist.
-- Avoid running the HealthCheckProgram on non-responding nodes rather than
DOWN nodes.
-- Fix bug in handling of poll() functions on OS X (SLURM was ignoring POLLIN
if POLLHUP flag was set at the same time).
-- Pulled Cray logic out of common/node_select.c into it's own
select/cray plugin cons_res is the default. To use linear add 'Linear' to
-- Fixed bug where resizing jobs didn't correctly set used limits correctly.
-- Change sched/backfill default time interval to 30 seconds and defer attempt
to backfill schedule if slurmctld has more than 5 active RPCs. General
improvements in logic scalability.
-- Add SchedulerParameters option of default_sched_depth=# to control how
many jobs on queue should be tested for attempted scheduling when a job
completes or other routine events. Default value is 100 jobs. The full job
queue is tested on a less frequent basis. This option can dramatically
improve performance on systems with thousands of queued jobs.
-- Gres/gpu now sets the CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES environment to control which
GPU devices should be used for each job or job step and CUDA version 3.1+
is used. NOTE: SLURM's generic resource support is still under development.
-- Modify select/cons_res to pack jobs onto allocated nodes differently and
minimize system fragmentation. For example on nodes with 8 CPUs each, a
job needing 10 CPUs will now ideally be allocated 8 CPUs on one node and
2 CPUs on another node. Previously the job would have ideally been
allocated 5 CPUs on each node, fragmenting the unused resources more.
-- Modified the behavior of update_job() in job_mgr.c to return when the first
error is encountered instead of continuing with more job updates.
-- Removed all references to the following slurm.conf parameters, all of which
have been removed or replaced since version 2.0 or earlier: HashBase,
HeartbeatInterval, JobAcctFrequency, JobAcctLogFile (instead use
AccountingStorageLoc), JobAcctType, KillTree, MaxMemPerTask, and
-- Fix bug in slurmctld restart logic that improperly reported jobs had
invalid features: "Job 65537 has invalid feature list: fat".
-- BLUEGENE - Removed thread pool for destroying blocks. It turns out the
memory leak we were concerned about for creating and destroying threads
in a plugin doesn't exist anymore. This increases throughput dramatically,
allowing multiple jobs to start at the same time.
-- BLUEGENE - Removed thread pool for starting and stopping jobs. For similar
reasons as noted above.
-- BLUEGENE - Handle blocks that never deallocate.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre9
-- sbatch can now submit jobs to multiple clusters and run on the earliest
-- Fix bug introduced in pre8 that prevented job dependencies and job
triggers from working without the --enable-debug configure option.
-- Replaced slurm_addr with slurm_addr_t
-- Replaced slurm_fd with slurm_fd_t
-- Skeleton code added for BlueGeneQ.
-- Jobs can now be submitted to multiple partitions (job queues) and use the
one permitting earliest start time.
-- Change slurmdb_coord_table back to acct_coord_table to keep consistant
with < 2.1.
-- Introduced locking system similar to that in the slurmctld for the
-- Added ability to change a users name in accounting.
-- Restore squeue support for "%G" format (group id) accidentally removed in
-- Added preempt_mode option to QOS.
-- Added a grouping=individual for sreport size reports.
-- Added remove_qos logic to jobs running under a QOS that was removed.
-- scancel now exits with a 1 if any job is non-existant when canceling.
-- Better handling of select plugins that don't exist on various systems for
cross cluster communication. Slurmctld, slurmd, and slurmstepd now only
load the default select plugin as well.
-- Better error handling when loading plugins.
-- Prevent scontrol from aborting if getlogin() returns NULL.
-- Prevent scontrol segfault when there are hidden nodes.
-- Prevent srun segfault after task launch failure.
-- Added job_submit/lua plugin.
-- Fixed sinfo on a bluegene system to print correctly the output for:
sinfo -e -o "%9P %6m %.4c %.22F %f"
-- Add scontrol commands "hold" and "release" to simplify setting a job's
priority to 0 or 1. Also tests that the job is in pending state.
-- Increase maximum node list size (for incoming RPC) from 1024 bytes to 64k.
-- In the backup slurmctld, purge triggers before recovering trigger state to
avoid duplicate entries.
-- Fix bug in sacct processing of --fields= option.
-- Fix bug in checkpoint/blcr for jobs spanning multiple nodes introduced when
changing some variable names in version 2.2.0.pre5.
-- Removed the vestigal set_max_cluster_usage() function from the Priority
Plugin API.
-- Modify the output of "scontrol show job" for the field ReqS:C:T=. Fields
not specified by the user will be reported as "*" instead of 65534.
-- Added DefaultQOS option for an association.
-- BLUEGENE - Added -B option to the slurmctld to clear created blocks from
the system on start.
-- BLUEGENE - Added option to scontrol & sview to recreate existing blocks.
-- Fixed flags for returning messages to use the correct munge key when going
-- BLUEGENE - Added option to scontrol & sview to resume blocks in an error
state instead of just freeing them.
-- sview patched to allow multiple row selection of jobs, patch from Dan Rusak
-- Lower default slurmctld server thread count from 1024 to 256. Some systems
process threads on a last-in first-out basis and the high thread count was
causing unexpectedly high delays for some RPCs.
-- Added to sacctmgr the ability for admins to reset the raw usage of a user
or account
-- Improved the efficiency of a few lines in sacctmgr
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre8
-- Add DebugFlags parameter of "Backfill" for sched/backfill detailed logging.
-- Add DebugFlags parameter of "Gang" for detailed logging of gang scheduling
-- Add DebugFlags parameter of "Priority" for detailed logging of priority
multifactor activities.
-- Add DebugFlags parameter of "Reservation" for detailed logging of advanced
-- Add run time to mail message upon job termination and queue time for mail
message upon job begin.
-- Add email notification option for job requeue.
-- Generate a fatal error if the srun --relative option is used when not
within an existing job allocation.
-- Modify the meaning of InactiveLimit slightly. It will now cancel the job
allocation created using the salloc or srun command if those commands
cease responding for the InactiveLimit regardless of any running job steps.
This parameter will no longer effect jobs spawned using sbatch.
-- Remove AccountingStoragePass and JobCompPass from configuration RPC and
scontrol show config command output. The use of SlurmDBD is still strongly
recommended as SLURM will have limited database functionality or protection
-- Add sbatch options of --export and SBATCH_EXPORT to control which
environment variables (if any) get propagated to the spawned job. This is
particularly important for jobs that are submitted on one cluster and run
on a different cluster.
-- Fix bug in select/linear when used with gang scheduling and there are
preempted jobs at the time slurmctld restarts that can result in over-
subscribing resources.
-- Added keeping track of the qos a job is running with in accounting.
-- Fix for handling correctly jobs that resize, and also reporting correct
stats on a job after it finishes.
-- Modify gang scheduler so with SelectTypeParameter=CR_CPUS and task
affinity is enabled, keep track of the individual CPUs allocated to jobs
rather than just the count of CPUs allocated (which could overcommit
specific CPUs for running jobs).
-- Modify select/linear plugin data structures to eliminate underflow errors
for the exclusive_cnt and tot_job_cnt variables (previously happened when
slurmctld reconfigured while the job was in completing state).
-- Change slurmd's working directory (and location of core files) to match
that of the slurmctld daemon: the same directory used for log files,
SlurmdLogFile (if specified with an absolute pathname) otherwise the
directory used to save state, SlurmdSpoolDir.
-- Add sattach support for the --pty option.
-- Modify slurmctld communications logic to accept incoming messages on more
than one port for improved scalability.
-- Add SchedulerParameters option of "defer" to avoid trying to schedule a
job at submission time, but to attempt scheduling many jobs at once for
improved performance under heavy load.
-- Correct logic controlling slurmctld thread limit eliminating check of
-- Make slurmctld's trigger logic more robust in the event that job records
get purged before their trigger can be processed (e.g. MinJobAge=1).
-- Add support for users to hold/release their own jobs (submit the job with
srun/sbatch --hold/-H option or use "scontrol update jobid=# priority=0"
to hold and "scontrol update jobid=# priority=1" to release).
-- Added ability for sacct to query jobs by qos and a range of timelimits.
-- Added ability for sstat to query pids of steps running.
-- Support time specification in UTS format with a prefix of "uts" (e.g.
"sbatch --begin=uts458389988 my.script").
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre7
-- Fixed issue with sacctmgr if querying against non-existent cluster it
works the same way as 2.1.
-- Added infrastructure to support allocation of generic node resources (gres).
-Modified select/linear and select/cons_res plugins to allocate resources
at the level of a job without oversubcription.
-Get sched/backfill operating with gres allocations.
-Get gres configuration changes (reconfiguration) working.
-Have job steps allocate resources.
-Modified job step credential to include the job's and step's gres
allocation details.
-Integrate with HWLOC library to identify GPUs and NICs configured on each
-- SLURM commands (squeue, sinfo, etc...) can now go cross-cluster on like
linux systems. Cross-cluster for bluegene to linux and such should
work fine, even sview.
-- Added the ability to configure PreemptMode on a per-partition basis.
-- Change slurmctld's default thread limit count to 1024, but adjust that down
as needed based upon the process's resource limits.
-- Removed the non-functional "SystemCPU" and "TotalCPU" reporting fields from
sstat and updated man page
-- Correct location of apbasil command on Cray XT systems.
-- Fixed bug in MinCPU and AveCPU calculations in sstat command
-- Send message to srun when the Prolog takes too long (MessageTimeout) to
-- Change timeout for socket connect() to be half of configured MessageTimeout.
-- Added high-throughput computing web page with configuration guidance.
-- Use more srun sockets to process incoming PMI (MPICH2) connections for
better scalability.
-- Added DebugFlags for the select/bluegene plugin: DEBUG_FLAG_BG_PICK,
-- Remove vestigial job record field "kill_on_step_done" (internal to the
slurmctld daemon only).
-- For MPICH2 jobs: Clear PMI state between job steps.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre6
-- sview - added ability to see database configuration.
-- sview - added ability to add/remove visible tabs.
-- sview - change way grid highlighting takes place on selected objects.
-- Added infrastructure to support allocation of generic node resources.
-Added node configuration parameter of Gres=.
-Added ability to view/modify a node's gres using scontrol, sinfo and sview.
-Added salloc, sbatch and srun --gres option.
-Added ability to view a job or job step's gres using scontrol, squeue and
-Added new configuration parameter GresPlugins to define plugins used to
manage generic resources.
-Added framework for gres plugins.
-Added DebugFlags option of "gres" for detailed debugging of gres actions.
-- Slurmd modified to log slow slurmstepd startup and note possible file system
-- sview - There is now a .slurm/sviewrc created when running sview.
Defaults are put in there as to how sview looks when first launched.
You can set these by Ctrl-S or Options->Set Default Settings.
-- Add scontrol "wait_job <job_id>" option to wait for nodes to boot as needed.
Useful for batch jobs (in Prolog, PrologSlurmctld or the script) if powering
down idle nodes.
-- Added salloc and sbatch option --wait-all-nodes. If set non-zero, job
initiation will be delayed until all allocated nodes have booted. Salloc
will log the delay with the messages "Waiting for nodes to boot" and "Nodes
are ready for job".
-- The Priority/mulitfactor plugin now takes into consideration size of job
in cpus as well as size in nodes when looking at the job size factor.
Previously only nodes were considered.
-- When using the SlurmDBD messages waiting to be sent will be combined
and sent in one message.
-- Remove srun's --core option. Move the logic to an optional SPANK plugin
(currently in the contribs directory, but plan to distribute through
-- Patch for adding CR_CORE_DEFAULT_DIST_BLOCK as a select option to layout
jobs using block layout across cores within each node instead of cyclic
which was previously the default.
-- Accounting - When removing associations if jobs are running, those jobs
must be killed before proceeding. Before the jobs were killed
automatically thus causing user confusion on what is most likely an
admin's mistake.
-- sview - color column keeps reference color when highlighting.
-- Configuration parameter MaxJobCount changed from 16-bit to 32-bit field.
The default MaxJobCount was changed from 5,000 to 10,000.
-- SLURM commands (squeue, sinfo, etc...) can now go cross-cluster on like
linux systems. Cross-cluster for bluegene to linux and such does not
currently work. You can submit jobs with sbatch. Salloc and srun are not
cross-cluster compatible, and given their nature to talk to actual compute
nodes these will likely never be.
-- salloc modified to forward SIGTERM to the spawned program.
-- In sched/wiki2 (for Moab support) - Add GRES and WCKEY fields to MODIFYJOBS
and GETJOBS commands. Add GRES field to GETNODES command.
-- In struct job_descriptor and struct job_info: rename min_sockets to
sockets_per_node, min_cores to cores_per_socket, and min_threads to
threads_per_core (the values are not minimum, but represent the target
-- Fixed bug in clearing a partition's DisableRootJobs value reported by
Hongjia Cao.
-- Purge (or ignore) terminated jobs in a more timely fashion based upon the
MinJobAge configuration parameter. Small values for MinJobAge should improve
responsiveness for high job throughput.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre5
-- Modify commands to accept time format with one or two digit hour value
(e.g. 8:00 or 08:00 or 8:00:00 or 08:00:00).
-- Modify time parsing logic to accept "minute", "hour", "day", and "week" in
addition to the currently accepted "minutes", "hours", etc.
-- Add slurmd option of "-C" to print actual hardware configuration and exit.
-- Pass EnforcePartLimits configuration parameter from slurmctld for user
commands to see the correct value instead of always "NO".
-- Modify partition data structures to replace the default_part,
disable_root_jobs, hidden and root_only fields with a single field called
"flags" populated with the flags PART_FLAG_DEFAULT, PART_FLAG_NO_ROOT
PART_FLAG_HIDDEN and/or PART_FLAG_ROOT_ONLY. This is a more flexible
solution besides making for smaller data structures.
-- Add node state flag of JOB_RESIZING. This will only exist when a job's
accounting record is being written immediately before or after it changes
size. This permits job accounting records to be written for a job at each
-- Make calls to jobcomp and accounting_storage plugins before and after a job
changes size (with the job state being JOB_RESIZING). All plugins write a
record for the job at each size with intermediate job states being
-- When changing a job size using scontrol, generate a script that can be
executed by the user to reset SLURM environment variables.
-- Modify select/linear and select/cons_res to use resources released by job
-- Added to contribs foundation for Perl extension for slurmdb library.
-- Add new configuration parameter JobSubmitPlugins which provides a mechanism
to set default job parameters or perform other site-configurable actions at
job submit time.
-- Better postgres support for accounting, still beta.
-- Speed up job start when using the slurmdbd.
-- Forward step failure reason back to slurmd before in some cases it would
just be SLURM_FAILURE returned.
-- Changed squeue to fail when passed invalid -o <output_format> or
-S <sort_list> specifications.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre4
-- Add support for a PropagatePrioProcess configuration parameter value of 2
to restrict spawned task nice values to that of the slurmd daemon plus 1.
This insures that the slurmd daemon always have a higher scheduling
priority than spawned tasks.
-- Add support in slurmctld, slurmd and slurmdbd for option of "-n <value>" to
reset the daemon's nice value.
-- Fixed slurm_load_slurmd_status and slurm_pid2jobid to work correctly when
multiple slurmds are in use.
-- Altered srun to set max_nodes to min_nodes if not set when doing an
allocation to mimic that which salloc and sbatch do. If running a step if
the max isn't set it remains unset.
-- Applied patch from David Egolf ( Added the ability
to purge/archive accounting data on a day or hour basis, previously
it was only available on a monthly basis.
-- Add support for maximum node count in job step request.
-- Fix bug in CPU count logic for job step allocation (used count of CPUS per
node rather than CPUs allocated to the job).
-- Add new configuration parameters GroupUpdateForce and GroupUpdateTime.
See "man slurm.conf" for details about how these control when slurmctld
updates its information of which users are in the groups allowed to use
-- Added sacctmgr list events which will list events that have happened on
clusters in accounting.
-- Permit a running job to shrink in size using a command of
"scontrol update JobId=# NumNodes=#" or
"scontrol update JobId=# NodeList=<names>". Subsequent job steps must
explicitly specify an appropriate node count to work properly.
-- Added resize_time field to job record noting the time of the latest job
size change (to be used for accounting purposes).
-- sview/smap now hides hidden partitions and their jobs by default, with an
option to display them.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre3
-- Refine support for TotalView partial attach. Add parameter to configure
program of "--enable-partial-attach".
-- In select/cons_res, the count of CPUs on required nodes was formerly
ignored in enforcing the maximum CPU limit. Also enforce maximum CPU
limit when the topology/tree plugin is configured (previously ignored).
-- In select/cons_res, allocate cores for a job using a best-fit approach.
-- In select/cons_res, for jobs that can run on a single node, use a best-fit
packing approach.
-- Add support for new partition states of DRAIN and INACTIVE and new partition
option of "Alternate" (alternate partition to use for jobs submitted to
partitions that are currently in a state of DRAIN or INACTIVE).
-- Add group membership cache. This can substantially speed up slurmctld
startup or reconfiguration if many partitions have AllowGroups configured.
-- Added slurmdb api for accessing slurm DB information.
-- In select/linear: Modify data structures for better performance and to
avoid underflow error messages when slurmctld restarts while jobs are
in completing state.
-- Added hash for slurm.conf so when nodes check in to the controller it can
verify the slurm.conf is the same as the one it is running. If not an
error message is displayed. To silence this message add NO_CONF_HASH
to DebugFlags in your slurm.conf.
-- Added error code ESLURM_CIRCULAR_DEPENDENCY and prevent circular job
dependencies (e.g. job 12 dependent upon job 11 AND job 11 is dependent
upon job 12).
-- Add BootTime and SlurmdStartTime to available node information.
-- Fixed moab_2_slurmdb to work correctly under new database schema.
-- Slurmd will drain a compute node when the SlurmdSpoolDir is full.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre2
-- Add support for spank_get_item() to get S_STEP_ALLOC_CORES and
S_STEP_ALLOC_MEM. Support will remain for S_JOB_ALLOC_CORES and
-- Kill individual job steps that exceed their memory limit rather than
killing an entire job if one step exceeds its memory limit.
-- Added configuration parameter VSizeFactor to enforce virtual memory limits
for jobs and job steps as a percentage of their real memory allocation.
-- Add scontrol ability to update job step's time limits.
-- Add scontrol ability to update job's NumCPUs count.
-- Add --time-min options to salloc, sbatch and srun. The scontrol command
has been modified to display and modify the new field. sched/backfill
plugin has been changed to alter time limits of jobs with the
--time-min option if doing so permits earlier job initiation.
-- Add support for TotalView symbol MPIR_partial_attach_ok with srun support
to release processes which TotalView does not attach to.
-- Add new option for SelectTypeParameters of CR_ONE_TASK_PER_CORE. This
option will allocate one task per core by default. Without this option,
by default one task will be allocated per thread on nodes with more than
one ThreadsPerCore configured.
-- Avoid accounting separately for a current pid corresponds to a Light Weight
Process (Thread POSIX) appearing in the /proc directory. Only account for
the original process (pid==tgid) to avoid accounting for memory use more
than once.
-- Add proctrack/cgroup plugin which uses Linux control groups (aka cgroup)
to track processes on Linux systems having this feature enabled (kernel
>= 2.6.24).
-- Add logging of license transations including job_id.
-- Add configuration parameters SlurmSchedLogFile and SlurmSchedLogLevel to
support writing scheduling events to a separate log file.
-- Added contribs/web_apps/chart_stats.cgi, a web app that invokes sreport to
retrieve from the accounting storage db a user's request for job usage or
machine utilization statistics and charts the results to a browser.
-- Massive change to the schema in the storage_accounting/mysql plugin. When
starting the slurmdbd the process of conversion may take a few minutes.
You might also see some errors such as 'error: mysql_query failed: 1206
The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size'. If you get this,
do not worry, it is because your setting of innodb_buffer_pool_size in
your my.cnf file is not set or set too low. A decent value there should
be 64M or higher depending on the system you are running on. See
RELEASE_NOTES for more information. But setting this and then
restarting the mysqld and slurmdbd will put things right. After this
change we have noticed 50-75% increase in performance with sreport and
-- Fix for MaxCPUs to honor partitions of 1 node that have more than the
maxcpus for a job.
-- Add support for "scontrol notify <message>" to work for batch jobs.
* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre1
-- Added RunTime field to scontrol show job report
-- Added support to handle communication with SLURM 2.1 clusters. Job's
should not be lost in the future when upgrading to higher versions of
-- Added withdeleted options for listing clusters, users, and accounts
-- Remove PLPA task affinity functions due to that package being deprecated.
-- Preserve current partition state information and node Feature and Weight
information rather than use contents of slurm.conf file after slurmctld
restart with -R option or SIGHUP. Replace information with contents of
slurm.conf after slurmctld restart without -R or "scontrol reconfigure".
See RELEASE_NOTES file fore more details.
-- Modify SLURM's PMI library (for MPICH2) to properly execute an executable
program stand-alone (single MPI task launched without srun).
-- Made GrpCPUs and MaxCPUs limits work for select/cons_res.
-- Moved all SQL dependant plugins into a seperate rpm slurm-sql. This
should be needed only where a connection to a database is needed (i.e.
where the slurmdbd is running)
-- Add command line option "no_sys_info" to PAM module to supress system
logging of "access granted for user ...", access denied and other errors
will still be logged.
-- sinfo -R now has the user and timestamp in separate fields from the reason.
-- Much functionality has been added to account_storage/pgsql. The plugin
is still in a very beta state. It is still highly advised to use the
mysql plugin, but if you feel like living on the edge or just really
like postgres over mysql for some reason here you go. (Work done
primarily by Hongjia Cao, NUDT.)
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.17
-- Correct format of --begin reported in salloc, sbatch and srun --help
-- Correct logic for regular users to increase nice value of their own jobs.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.16
-- Fixed minor warnings from gcc-4.5
-- Fixed initialization of accounting_stroage_enforce in the slurmctld.
-- Fixed bug where if GrpNodes was lowered while pending jobs existed and where
above the limit the slurmctld would seg fault.
-- Fixed minor memory leak when unpack error happens on an
-- Set Lft and Rgt correctly when adding association. Fix for regression
caused in 2.1.15, cosmetic fix only.
-- Replaced optarg which was undefined in some spots to make sure ENV vars are
set up correctly.
-- When removing an account from a cluster with sacctmgr you no longer get
a list of previously deleted associations.
-- Fix to make jobcomp/(pg/my)sql correctly work when the database name is
different than the default.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.15
-- Fix bug in which backup slurmctld can purge job scripts (and kill batch
jobs) when it assumes primary control, particularly when this happens
multiple times in a short time interval.
-- In sched/wiki and sched/wiki2 add IWD (Initial Working Directory) to the
information reported about jobs.
-- Fix bug in calculating a daily or weekly reservation start time when the
reservation is updated. Patch from Per Lundqvist (National Supercomputer
Centre, Linköping University, Sweden).
-- Fix bug in how job step memory limits are calculated when the --relative
option is used.
-- Restore operation of srun -X option to forward SIGINT to spawned tasks
without killing them.
-- Fixed a bug in calculating the root account's raw usage reported by Par
-- Fixed a bug in sshare displaying account hierarchy reported by Per
-- In select/linear plugin, when a node allocated to a running job is removed
from a partition, only log the event once. Fixes problem reported by Per
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.14
-- Fixed coding mistakes in _slurm_rpc_resv_show() and job_alloc_info() found
while reviewing the code.
-- Fix select/cons_res logic to prevent allocating resources while jobs
previously allocated resources on the node are still completing.
-- Fixed typo in job_mgr.c dealing with qos instead of associations.
-- Make sure associations and qos' are initiated when added.
-- Fixed wrong initialization for wckeys in the association manager.
-- Added wiki.conf configuration parameter of HidePartitionNodes. See
"man wiki.conf" for more information.
-- Add "JobAggregationTime=#" field SchedulerParameter configuration parameter
-- Modify init.d/slurm and slurmdbd scripts to prevent the possible
inadvertent inclusion of "." in LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
To fail, the script would need to be executed by user root or SlurmUser
without the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable set and there would
have to be a maliciously altered library in the working directory.
Thanks to Raphael Geissert for identifying the problem. This addresses
security vulnerability CVE-2010-3380.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.13
-- Fix race condition which can set a node state to IDLE on slurmctld startup
even if it has running jobs.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.12
-- Fixes for building on OS X 10.5.
-- Fixed a few '-' without a '\' in front of them in the man pages.
-- Fixed issues in client tools where a requeued job did get displayed
-- Update typos in doc/html/accounting.shtml doc/html/resource_limits.shtml
doc/man/man5/slurmdbd.conf.5 and doc/man/man5/slurm.conf.5
-- Fixed a bug in exitcode:signal display in sacct
-- Fix bug when request comes in for consumable resources and the -c option
is used in conjunction with -O
-- Fixed squeue -o "%h" output formatting
-- Change select/linear message "error: job xxx: best_fit topology failure"
to debug type.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix for sinfo -R to group all midplanes together in a single
line for midplanes in an error state instead of 1 line for each midplane.
-- Fix srun to work correctly with --uid when getting an allocation
and creating a step, also fix salloc to assume identity at the correct
time as well.
-- BLUEGENE - Fixed issue with jobs being refused when running dynamic mode
and every job on the system happens to be the same size.
-- Removed bad #define _SLURMD_H from slurmd/get_mach_stat.h. Didn't appear
to cause any problems being there, just incorrect syntax.
-- Validate the job ID when salloc or srun receive an SRUN_JOB_COMPLETE RPC to
avoid killing the wrong job if the original command exits and the port gets
re-used by another command right away.
-- Fix to node in correct state in accounting when updating it to drain from
-- BLUEGENE - Removed incorrect unlocking on error cases when starting jobs.
-- Improve logging of invalid sinfo and squeue print options.
-- BLUEGENE - Added check to libsched_if to allow root to run even outside of
SLURM. This is needed when running certain blocks outside of SLURM in HTC
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.11-2
-- BLUEGENE - make it so is named correctly on 'L' it is and on 'P' it is
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.11
-- BLUEGENE - fix sinfo to not get duplicate entries when running command
sinfo -e -o "%9P %6m %.4c %.22F %f"
-- Fix bug that caused segv when deleting a partition with pending jobs.
-- Better error message for when trying to modify an account's name with
-- Added back removal of #include "src/common/slurm_xlator.h" from
-- Fix incorrect logic in global_accounting in regression tests for
setting QOS.
-- BLUEGENE - Fixed issue where removing a small block in dynamic mode,
and other blocks also in that midplane needed to be removed and were in
and error state. They all weren't removed correctly in accounting.
-- Prevent scontrol segv with "scontrol show node <name>" command with nodes
in a hidden partition.
-- Fixed sizing of popup grids in sview.
-- Fixed sacct when querying against a jobid the start time is not set.
-- Fix configure to get correct version of pkg-config if both 32bit and 64bit
libs are installed.
-- Fix issue with sshare not sorting correctly the tree of associations.
-- Update documentation for sreport.
-- BLUEGENE - fix regression in 2.1.10 on assigning multiple jobs to one block.
-- Minor memory leak fixed when killing job error happens.
-- Fix sacctmgr list assoc when talking to a 2.2 slurmdbd.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.10
-- Fix memory leak in sched/builtin plugin.
-- Fixed sbatch to work correctly when no nodes are specified, but
--ntasks-per-node is.
-- Make sure account and wckey for a job are lower case before inserting into
-- Added note to squeue documentation about --jobs option displaying jobs
even if they are on hidden partitions.
-- Fix srun to work correctly with --uid when getting an allocation
and creating a step.
-- Fix for when removing a limit from a users association inside the
fairshare tree the parents limit is now inherited automatically in
the slurmctld. Previously the slurmctld would have to be restarted.
This problem only exists when setting a users association limit to -1.
-- Patch from Matthieu Hautreux (CEA) dealing with possible overflows that
could come up with the select/cons_res plugin with uint32_t's being treated
as uint16_t's.
-- Correct logic for creating a reservation with a Duration=Infinite (used to
set reservation end time in the past).
-- Correct logic for creating a reservation that properly handles the OVERLAP
and IGNORE_JOBS flags (flags were ignored under some conditions).
-- Fixed a fair-share calculation bug in the priority/multifactor plugin.
-- Make sure a user entry in the database that was previously deleted is
restored clean when added back, i.e. remove admin privileges previously
-- BLUEGENE - Future start time is set correctly when eligible time for a job
is in the future, but the job can physically run earlier.
-- Updated Documentation for sacctmgr for Wall and CPUMin options stating when
the limit is reached running jobs will be killed.
-- Fix deadlock issue in the slurmctld when lowering limits in accounting to
lower than that of pending jobs.
-- Fix bug in salloc, sbatch and srun that could under some conditions process
the --threads-per-core, --cores-per-socket and --sockets-per-node options
-- Fix bug in select/cons_res with memory management plus job preemption with
job removal (e.g. requeue) which under some conditions failed to preempt
-- Fix deadlock potential when using qos and associations in the slurmctld.
-- Update documentation to state --ntasks-per-* is for a maximum value
instead of an absolute.
-- Get ReturnToService=2 working for front-end configurations (e.g. Cray or
-- Do not make a non-responding node available for use after running
"scontrol update nodename=<name> state=resume". Wait for node to respond
before use.
-- Added slurm_xlator.h to jobacct_gather plugins so they resolve symbols
correctly when linking to the slurm api.
-- You can now update a jobs QOS from scontrol. Previously you could only do
this from sview.
-- BLUEGENE - Fixed bug where if running in non-dynamic mode sometimes the
start time returned for a job when using test-only would not be correct.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.9
-- In select/linear - Fix logic to prevent over-subscribing memory with shared
nodes (Shared=YES or Shared=FORCE).
-- Fix for handling -N and --ntasks-per-node without specifying -n with
salloc and sbatch.
-- Fix jobacct_gather/linux if not polling on tasks to give tasks time to
start before doing initial gather.
-- When changing priority with the multifactor plugin we make sure we update
the last_job_update variable.
-- Fixed sview for gtk < 2.10 to display correct debug level at first.
-- Fixed sview to not select too fast when using a mouse right click.
-- Fixed sacct to display correct timelimits for jobs from accounting.
-- Fixed sacct when running as root by default query all users as documented.
-- In proctrack/linuxproc, skip over files in /proc that are not really user
processes (e.g. "/proc/bus").
-- Fix documentation bug for slurmdbd.conf
-- Fix slurmctld to update qos preempt list without restart.
-- Fix bug in select/cons_res that in some cases would prevent a preempting job
from using of resources already allocated to a preemptable running job.
-- Fix for sreport in interactive mode to honor parsable/2 options.
-- Fixed minor bugs in sacct and sstat commands
-- BLUEGENE - Fixed issue if the slurmd becomes unresponsive and you have
blocks in an error state accounting is correct when the slurmd comes
back up.
-- Corrected documentation for -n option in srun/salloc/sbatch
-- BLUEGENE - when running a willrun test along with preemption the bluegene
plugin now does the correct thing.
-- Fix possible memory corruption issue which can cause slurmctld to abort.
-- BLUEGENE - fixed small memory leak when setting up env.
-- Fixed deadlock if using accounting and cluster changes size in the
database. This can happen if you mistakenly have multiple primary
slurmctld's running for a single cluster, which should rarely if ever
-- Fixed sacct -c option.
-- Critical bug fix in sched/backfill plugin that caused memory corruption.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.8
-- Update BUILD_NOTES for AIX and bgp systems on how to get sview to
build correctly.
-- Update man page for scontrol when nodes are in the "MIXED" state.
-- Better error messages for sacctmgr.
-- Fix bug in allocation of CPUs with select/cons_res and --cpus-per-task
-- Fix bug in dependency support for afterok and afternotok options to insure
that the job's exit status gets checked for dependent jobs prior to puring
completed job records.
-- Fix bug in sched/backfill that could set an incorrect expected start time
for a job.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix for systems that have midplanes defined in the database
that don't exist.
-- Accounting, fixed bug where if removing an object a rollback wasn't
-- Fix possible scontrol stack corruption when listing jobs with very a long
job or working directory name (over 511 characters).
-- Insure that SPANK environment variables set by salloc or sbatch get
propagated to the Prolog on all nodes by setting SLURM_SPANK_* environment
variables for srun's use.
-- In sched/wiki2 - Add support for the MODIFYJOB command to alter a job's
comment field
-- When a cluster first registers with the SlurmDBD only send nodes in an
non-usable state. Before all nodes were sent.
-- Alter sacct to be able to query jobs by association id.
-- Edit documentation for scontrol stating ExitCode as something not alterable.
-- Update documentation about ReturnToService and silently rebooting nodes.
-- When combining --ntasks-per-node and --exclusive in an allocation request
the correct thing, giving the allocation the entire node but only
ntasks-per-node, happens.
-- Fix accounting transaction logs when deleting associations to put the
ids instead of the lfts which could change over time.
-- Fix support for salloc, sbatch and srun's --hint option to avoid allocating
a job more sockets per node or more cores per socket than desired. Also
when --hint=compute_bound or --hint=memory_bound then avoid allocating more
than one task per hyperthread (a change in behavior, but almost certainly
a preferable mode of operation).
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.7
-- Modify srun, salloc and sbatch parsing for the --signal option to accept
either a signal name in addition to the previously supported signal
numbers (e.g. "--signal=USR2@200").
-- BLUEGENE - Fixed sinfo --long --Node output for cpus on a single cnode.
-- In sched/wiki2 - Fix another logic bug in support of Moab being able to
identify preemptable jobs.
-- In sched/wiki2 - For BlueGene systems only: Fix bug preventing Moab from
being able to correctly change the node count of pending jobs.
-- In select/cons_res - Fix bug preventing job preemption with a configuration
of Shared=FORCE:1 and PreemptMode=GANG,SUSPEND.
-- In the TaskProlog, add support for an "unset" option to clear environment
variables for the user application. Also add support for embedded white-
space in the environment variables exported to the user application
(everything after the equal sign to the end of the line is included without
-- Do not install /etc/init.d/slurm or /etc/init.d/slurmdbd on AIX systems.
-- BLUEGENE - fixed check for small blocks if a node card of a midplane is
in an error state other jobs can still run on the midplane on other
-- BLUEGENE - Check to make sure job killing is in the active job table in
DB2 when killing the job.
-- Correct logic to support ResvOverRun configuration parameter.
-- Get --acctg-freq option working for srun and salloc commands.
-- Fix sinfo display of drained nodes correctly with the summarize flag.
-- Fix minor memory leaks in slurmd and slurmstepd.
-- Better error messages for failed step launch.
-- Modify srun to insure compatability of the --relative option with the node
count requested.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.6-2
-- In sched/wiki2 - Fix logic in support of Moab being able to identify
preemptable jobs.
-- Applied fixes to a debug4 message in priority_multifactor.c sent in by
Per Lundqvist
-- BLUEGENE - Fixed issue where incorrect nodecards could be picked when
looking at combining small blocks to make a larger small block.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.6
-- For newly submitted jobs, report expected start time in squeue --start as
"N/A" rather than current time.
-- Correct sched/backfill logic so that it runs in a more timely fashion.
-- Fixed issue if running on accounting cache and priority/multifactor to
initialize the root association when the database comes back up.
-- Emulated BLUEGENE - fixed issue where blocks weren't always created
correctly when loading from state. This does not apply to a real
bluegene system, only emulated.
-- Fixed bug when job is completing and its cpu_cnt would be calculated
incorrectly, possibly resulting in an underflow being logged.
-- Fixed bug where if there are pending jobs in a partition which was
updated to have no nodes in it the slurmctld would dump core.
-- Fixed smap and sview to display partitions with no nodes in them.
-- Improve configure script's logic to detect LUA libraries.
-- Fix bug that could cause slurmctld to abort if select/cons_res is used AND a
job is submitted using the --no-kill option AND one of the job's nodes goes
DOWN AND slurmctld restarts while that job is still running.
-- In jobcomp plugins, job time limit was sometimes recorded improperly if not
set by user (recorded huge number rather than partition's time limit).
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.5
-- BLUEGENE - Fixed display of draining nodes for sinfo -R.
-- Fixes to scontrol and sview when setting a job to an impossible start time.
-- Added -h to srun for help.
-- Fix for sacctmgr man page to remove erroneous 'with' statements.
-- Fix for unpacking jobs with accounting statistics, previously it appears
only steps were unpacked correctly, for the most case sacct would only
display this information making this fix a very minor one.
-- Changed scontrol and sview output for jobs with unknown end times from
'NONE' to 'Unknown'.
-- Fixed mysql plugin to reset classification when adding a
previously deleted cluster.
-- Permit a batch script to reset umask and have that propagate to tasks
spawed by subsequent srun. Previously the umask in effect when sbatch was
executed was propagated to tasks spawed by srun.
-- Modify slurm_job_cpus_allocated_on_node_id() and
slurm_job_cpus_allocated_on_node() functions to not write explanation of
failures to stderr. Only return -1 and set errno.
-- Correction in configurator.html script. Prolog and Epilog were reversed.
-- BLUEGENE - Fixed race condition where if a nodecard has an error on an
un-booted block when a job comes to use it before the state checking
thread notices it which could cause the slurmctld to lock up on a
non-dynamic system.
-- In select/cons_res with FastSchedule=0 and Procs=# defined for the node,
but no specific socket/core/thread count configured, avoid fatal error if
the number of cores on a node is less than the number of Procs configured.
-- Added ability for the perlapi to utilize opaque data types returned from
the C api.
-- BLUEGENE - made the perlapi get correct values for cpus per node,
Previously it would give the number of cpus per cnode instead of midplane.
-- BLEUGENE - Fixed issue where if a block being selected for a job to use
and during the process a hardware failure happens, previously the block
would still be allowed to be used which would fail or requeue the job
depending on the configuration.
-- For SPANK job environment, avoid duplicate "SPANK_" prefix for environment
set by sbatch jobs.
-- Make squeue select jobs on hidden partitions when requesting more than one.
-- Avoid automatically cancelling job steps when all of the tasks on some node
have gracefully terminated.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.4
-- Fix for purge script in accounting to use correct options.
-- If SelectType=select/linear and SelectTypeParameters=CR_Memory fix bug that
would fail to release memory reserved for a job if "scontrol reconfigure"
is executed while the job is in completing state.
-- Fix bug in handling event trigger for job time limit while job is still
in pending state.
-- Fixed display of Ave/MaxCPU in sacct for jobs. Steps were printed
-- When node current features differs from slurm.conf, log the node names
using a hostlist expression rather than listing individual node names.
-- Improve ability of srun to abort job step for some task launch failures.
-- Fix mvapich plugin logic to release the created job allocation on
initialization failure (previously the failures would cancel job step,
but retain job allocation).
-- Fix bug in srun for task count so large that it overflows int data type.
-- Fix important bug in select/cons_res handling of ntasks-per-core parameter
that was uncovered by a bug fixed in v2.1.3. Bug produced fatal error for
slurmctld: "cons_res: cpus computation error".
-- Fix bug in select/cons_res handling of partitions configured with
Shared=YES. Prior logic failed to support running multiple jobs per node.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.3-2
-- Modified spec file to obsolete pam_slurm when installing
the slurm-pam_slurm rpm.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.3-1
-- BLUEGENE - Fix issues on static/overlap systems where if a midplane
was drained you would not be able to create new blocks on it.
-- In sched/wiki2 (for Moab): Add excluded host list to job information
using new keyword "EXCLUDE_HOSTLIST".
-- Correct slurmd reporting of incorrect socket/core/thread counts.
-- For sched/wiki2 (Moab): Do not extend a job's end time for suspend/resume
or startup delay due to node boot time. A job's end time will always be
its start time plus time limit.
-- Added build-time option (to configure program) of --with-pam_dir to
specify the directory into which PAM modules get installed, although it
should pick the proper directory by default. "make install" and "rpmbuild"
should now put the file in the proper directory.
-- Modify PAM module to link against SLURM API shared library and use exported
slurm_hostlist functions.
-- Do not block new jobs with --immediate option while another job is in the
process of being requeued (which can take a long time for some node failure
-- For topology/tree, log invalid hostnames in a single hostlist expression
rather than one per line.
-- A job step's default time limit will be UNLIMITED rather than partition's
default time limit. The step will automatically be cancelled as part of the
job termination logic when the job's time limit is reached.
-- sacct - fixed bug when checking jobs against a reservation
-- In select/cons_res, fix support for job allocation with --ntasks_per_node
option. Previously could allocate too few CPUs on some nodes.
-- Adjustment made to init message to the slurmdbd to allow backwards
compatibility with future 2.2 release. YOU NEED TO UPGRADE SLURMDBD
-- Fix accounting when comment of down/drained node has double quotes in it.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.2
-- Added nodelist to sview for jobs on non-bluegene systems
-- Correction in value of batch job environment variable SLURM_TASKS_PER_NODE
under some conditions.
-- When a node silently fails which is already drained/down the reason
for draining for the node is not changed.
-- Srun will ignore SLURM_NNODES environment variable and use the count of
currently allocated nodes if that count changes during the job's lifetime
(e.g. job allocation uses the --no-kill option and a node goes DOWN, job
step would previously always fail).
-- Made it so sacctmgr can't add blank user or account. The MySQL plugin
will also reject such requests.
-- Revert version for compatibility with SLURM version 2.0 and
earlier to avoid forcing applications using a specific version to
rebuild unnecessarily (revert from to
-- Restore support for a pending job's constraints (required node features)
when slurmctld is restarted (internal structure needed to be rebuilt).
-- Removed from the plugin rpm in the slurm.spec since
it is also in the blcr rpm.
-- Fixed issue in sview where you were unable to edit the count
of jobs to share resources.
-- BLUEGENE - Fixed issue where tasks on steps weren't being displayed
correctly with scontrol and sview.
-- BLUEGENE - fixed wiki2 plugin to report correct task count for pending
-- BLUEGENE - Added /etc/ to point to the
directory holding when building rpms.
-- Adjust get_wckeys call in slurmdbd to allow operators to list wckeys.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.1
-- Fix for case sensitive databases when a slurmctld has a mixed case
clustername to lower case the string to easy compares.
-- Fix squeue if job is completing and failed to print remaining
nodes instead of failed message.
-- Fix sview core when searching for partitions by state.
-- Fixed setting the start time when querying in sacct to the
beginning of the day if not set previously.
-- Defined slurm_free_reservation_info_msg and slurm_free_topo_info_msg
in common/slurm_protocol_defs.h
-- Avoid generating error when a job step includes a memory specification and
memory is not configured as a consumable resource.
-- Patch for small memory leak in src/common/plugstack.c
-- Fix sview search on node state.
-- Fix bug in which improperly formed job dependency specification can cause
slurmctld to abort.
-- Fixed issue where slurmctld wouldn't always get a message to send cluster
information when registering for the first time with the slurmdbd.
-- Add slurm_*_trigger.3 man pages for event trigger APIs.
-- Fix bug in job preemption logic that would free allocated memory twice.
-- Fix spelling issues (from Gennaro Oliva)
-- Fix issue when changing parents of an account in accounting all childern
weren't always sent to their respected slurmctlds until a restart.
-- Restore support for srun/salloc/sbatch option --hint=nomultithread to
bind tasks to cores rather than threads (broken in slurm v2.1.0-pre5).
-- Fix issue where a 2.0 sacct could not talk correctly to a 2.1 slurmdbd.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix issue where no partitions have any nodes assigned them to
alert user no blocks can be created.
-- BLUEGENE - Fix smap to put BGP images when using -Dc on a Blue Gene/P
-- Set SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR environment variable for srun and salloc commands to
match behavior of sbatch command.
-- Report WorkDir from "scontrol show job" command for jobs launched using
salloc and srun.
-- Update correctly the wckey when changing it on a pending job.
-- Set wckeyid correctly in accounting when cancelling a pending job.
-- BLUEGENE - critical fix where jobs would be killed incorrectly.
-- BLUEGENE - fix for sview putting multiple ionodes on to nodelists when
viewing the jobs tab.
* Changes in SLURM 2.1.0
-- Improve sview layout of blocks in use.
-- A user can now change the dimensions of the grid in sview.
-- BLUEGENE - improved startup speed further for large numbers of defined
-- Fix to _get_job_min_nodes() in wiki2/get_jobs.c suggested by Michal Novotny
-- BLUEGENE - fixed issues when updating a pending job when a node
count was incorrect for the asked for connection type.
-- BLUEGENE - fixed issue when combining blocks that are in ready states to
make a larger block from those or make multiple smaller blocks by
splitting the larger block. Previously this would only work with block
in a free state.
-- Fix bug in wiki(2) plugins where if HostFormat=2 and the task list is
greater than 64 we don't truncate. Previously this would mess up Moab
by sending a truncated task list when doing a get jobs.
-- Added update slurmctld debug level to sview when in admin mode.
-- Added logic to make sure if enforcing a memory limit when using the
jobacct_gather plugin a user can no longer turn off the logic to enforce
the limit.
-- Replaced many calls to getpwuid() with reentrant uid_to_string()
-- The slurmstepd will now refresh it's log file handle on a reconfig,
previously if a log was rolled any output from the stepd was lost.