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Here is a list of the major SLURM components and who has
expertise in those areas. Anyone listed as a "Primary"
has extensive knowledge of the component and is typically
the author. Anyone listed as a "Backup" has a working
knowledge of the component and should be able to address
problems. Where I list the primary in parenthesis, that
indicates the person is actively developing the expertise
to serve as the primary contact for that component.
Command/Daemon Primary Backup Notes
============== ======= ======= =====
sacct DA very active
sacctmgr DA very active
salloc (DL) DA,MJ stable
sattach (DL) DA,MJ stable
sbatch (DL) DA,MJ stable
sbcast MJ very stable
scancel DA,MJ very stable
scontrol MJ,DA stable
sinfo MJ,DA stable
slurmctld MJ DA
slurmd (DL) DA,MJ
slurmstepd (DL) DA,MJ
slurmdbd DA very active
smap DA MJ
sprio DL
squeue MJ DA stable
sreport DA very active
srun (DL) DA,MJ stable
sshare DA
sstat DA
strigger MJ very stable
sview DA MJ
Plugins Primary Backup Notes
============== ======= ======= =====
acct_storage DA MJ very active
auth MJ DA very stable
checkpoint MJ,NUDT
crypto MJ DA very stable
jobacct_gather DA MJ stable
jobcomp MJ DA very stable
mpi MJ active for OpenMPI
preempt MJ new
priority DL DA
proctrack MJ DA very stable
sched MJ DA
select/bluegene DA MJ
select/cons_res MJ HP,DA
select/linear MJ DA stable
switch MJ DA very stable
task DL MG,HP
topology MJ
Other Primary Backup Notes
============== ======= ======= =====
api DA,MJ
common DA,MJ
database DA DL very active
pam MG very stable
perlapi DA stable
phpext DA stable
python NSC stable
sjstat PE stable
slurmdb_direct DA
testsuite DA,MJ
torque DA stable
DA Danny Auble
DL Don Lipari
MG Mark Grondona
MJ Moe Jette
NSC National Supercomputer Center (Sweden)
NUDT National University of Defense Technology (China)
PE Phil Eckert