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Update BUILD.NOTES files with updated info to post tar-ball

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1 parent 0f8895f commit b61e72f8e89237b8b2bcfd255d7226f316f3879a @jette jette committed Jul 28, 2011
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@@ -56,15 +56,11 @@ Linux cluster (See BlueGene and AIX specific notes below for some differences).
--nosnapshot will name the tar-ball and RPMs based upon the META file
--snapshot will name the tar-ball and RPMs based upon the META file plus a
timestamp. Do this to make a tar-ball for a non-tagged release.
-4. Remove the RPMs that we don't want:
- > rm -f slurm-perlapi*rpm slurm-torque*rpm
-5. Move the RPMs to
- /usr/local/admin/rpms/llnl/RPMS-RHEL4/x86_64 (odevi, or gauss)
- /usr/local/admin/rpms/llnl/RPMS-RHEL4/i386/ (adevi)
- /usr/local/admin/rpms/llnl/RPMS-RHEL4/ia64/ (tdevi)
- send an announcement email (with the latest entry from the NEWS
- file) out to
-6. Copy bzip file to using their web interface
+ NOTE: <local_dir> should be a fully-qualified pathname
+4. scp the files to in to ~/www/download/development or
+ ~/www/download/development. Move the older files to ~/www/download/archive,
+ login to, cd to ~/download, and execute "php process.php" to
+ update the web pages.
BlueGene build notes:
0. If on a bgp system and you want sview export these variables

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