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2 parents 796c231 + 06b65f4 commit cd80311f91ebad55fbf8ab2e168eefc34a92299a Moe Jette committed Sep 14, 2009
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@@ -287,8 +287,7 @@ Perl tool to print SLURM job state information.
%package pam_slurm
Summary: PAM module for restricting access to compute nodes via SLURM.
Group: System Environment/Base
-Requires: slurm
-BuildRequires: slurm-devel pam-devel
+Requires: slurm slurm-devel pam-devel
%description pam_slurm
This module restricts access to compute nodes in a cluster where the Simple
Linux Utility for Resource Managment (SLURM) is in use. Access is granted

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