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Commits on Oct 8, 2014
  1. @grondo

    Merge pull request #47 from inodb/patch-1

    grondo committed
    Add Swedish 'fika' (3PM) as valid input for time
Commits on Oct 7, 2014
  1. @inodb

    Add Swedish 'fika' (3PM) as valid input for time

    inodb committed
    At work in Sweden we often fika (coffee+buns and what have u) at 3PM. I sometimes accidentally give a start time of 'teatime', so when I return from 'fika' I see my job's just getting started. This fix should make life even easier for the Swedes.
Commits on Sep 13, 2011
  1. @dannyauble
Commits on Sep 12, 2011
  1. @jette
  2. @dannyauble

    change meta before tag 2.3.0

    dannyauble committed
  3. @dannyauble
  4. @dannyauble
  5. @dannyauble

    Real Fix to work correctly with dealing with future 2.4+ systems when

    dannyauble committed
    switching from a bluegene to a regular system with sview.
  6. @dannyauble
  7. @dannyauble

    news update for commit 6e40b5b

    dannyauble committed
  8. @dannyauble
  9. @dannyauble

    BLUEGENE - Fix to handle correct cluster_dims instead of SYSTEM_DIMEN…

    dannyauble committed
    when using multi-cluster mode in sview
  10. @dannyauble
  11. @dannyauble
  12. @dannyauble

    BGP - If a block is defined in the bluegene.conf file to be a HTC small

    dannyauble committed
    type set it that way right off the start.
  13. @dannyauble
  14. @dannyauble
  15. @dannyauble
  16. @jette

    avod slurmctld crash on slurmdbd message unpacking problem

    jette committed
    This should eliminate an abort reported by Sam Long when a message unpack from the slurmdbd is invalid. Based upon patch from Sam Lang.
  17. @jette

    Correct acct reporting of cancelled job/step UID

    jette committed
    was reporting -1 if unknown, new code avoids printing any uid if not known. Patch by Don Albert, Bull.
  18. @jette

    Update sacct man page for long state descriptions

    jette committed
    The "+" sign only appears to indicate that there is more information than the current field width can hold.  For example  "CANCELLED+"  can indicate that the state is actually "CANCELLED by nnn".   Increasing the field width with the %NUMBER format modifier will show this. Patch by Don Albert, Bull.
Commits on Sep 9, 2011
  1. @dannyauble

    BLUEGENE - better debug

    dannyauble committed
  2. @dannyauble

    BLUEGENE - Make it possible for an admin to define multiple dimension

    dannyauble committed
    conn_types in a block definition.
  3. @dannyauble
  4. @dannyauble

    BLUEGENE - Fix deadlock issue if toggling between Dynamic and Static …

    dannyauble committed
    allocation with jobs running on blocks that don't exist in the static
  5. @jette

    Improve performance of preemption logic

    jette committed
    This modifcation improves the performance of SLURM's preemption logic
    be reducing the execution time of the scheduling logic and doing a better
    job of minimizing the number of job's preempted to initiate a new job.
    Based largely upon work by Phil Eckert, LLNL.
Commits on Sep 8, 2011
  1. @jette
  2. @jette

    Reset a job's priority when job updated

    jette committed
    When a user changes a job's configuration (e.g. size), then
    recalculate it's priority. Based upon a patch from Phil Eckert, LLNL.
  3. @jette

    Prevent resetting schedloglevel if no logfile defined

    jette committed
    If there is no SchedLogfile defined and 'scontrol schedloglevel 1'
    is issued from an administrator, slurmctld will segfault at the
    next "sched: " log message due to NULL log file pointer. There
    are obviously multiple ways to fix this issue, but in this patch
    the RPC simply returns and "Operation Disabled" error immediately
    if the sched log file is NULL.
    Other options include opening a new logfile with a default name,
    sending sched log messages to stderr, or enhancing the scontrol
    interface to allow specifying a logfile name for the schedlog.
    There are other cases in the schedlog code that could cause problems
    for the slurmctld, but since the sched log stuff is tied in strangely
    with the rest of the logging code, I didn't want to try modifying
    anything in log.c, for fear of breaking the normal logging functions.
    Patch from Mark Grondona, LLNL.
  4. @jette

    Add "State" field to reservation information

    jette committed
    Add State=ACTIVE or State=INACTIVE to "scontrol show reservation" output.
    Patch from Phil Eckert, LLNL.
  5. @jette
Commits on Sep 7, 2011
  1. @dannyauble
  2. @dannyauble

    In sview when switching from a bluegene machine to a regular linux cl…

    dannyauble committed
    and vice versa the node->base partition lists will be displayed if setup
    in your .slurm/sviewrc file.
  3. @jette
  4. @jette

    Avoid duplicate PAM log message

    jette committed
    This removes a duplicate call to _log_msg() when a user's access is
    denied or "no_sys_info" command line option is NOT set. The duplicate
    log message was a result of commit 12ba7f7
    on January 29, 2010. Patch from Mark Grondona, LLNL.
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