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scontrol CLI rewrite #6

morrone opened this Issue Apr 27, 2011 · 2 comments

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CHAOS Development Team member
morrone commented Apr 27, 2011

It seems like the scontrol command line interface could be greatly improved. I think that the whole key=value model could be replaced with a more hierarchical command set like you see out of command like svn, git, etc.

For instance, instead of:

$ scontrol update nodename=foo[1-100] state=drain reason="They're broke"

it could be:

$ scontrol node drain -m "They're broke" foo[1-100]

Notice that the "-m" is an option. Just like with svn and git, if you leave that out it should prompt you for a reason (if reasons are required):

$ scontrol node drain foo[1-100]
reason> They're broke

I suspect that if we took an orderly approach to examining scontrol's current command set, we could design a user interface that is much nicer to use.

jette commented Apr 28, 2011

Since the scontrol output format is key=value, i find the current input format idea for using copy/paste to update records. Asking the user to input a specific missing field (the reason a node is being drained) is a good idea

@jette jette closed this Apr 28, 2011
@jette jette reopened this Apr 28, 2011
CHAOS Development Team member
morrone commented Apr 28, 2011

To set individual flags/attributes:

$ scontrol node set <key>=<value> <nodelist>
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