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@perlun perlun released this 27 Sep 18:43
· 102 commits to master since this release

General release notes

  • Started using Semantic Versioning for our version numbers. New releases will hereafter be 0.2.0, 0.3.0 until we eventually reach 1.0.0.
  • Many small improvements. The biggest single improvements are:
    • First steps toward a Raspberry Pi port.
    • The code is now compilable with gcc 6 and 7. Caveat: The resulting binaries have not been tested. Use at your own risk!
    • Use stdint.h instead of declaring our own u32, i32 etc. types.
  • The full details can as usual be found below.


  • 2d78ea4 Release 0.1.0
  • 57d5b82 Travis: Support newer gcc versions (#96)
  • 9d492dc Removed network library (#94)
  • fa48865 Removed math library (#93)
  • dca316b Removed empty ipv6 library
  • 7dd7a62 libraries/string: Minor cleanups (#92)
  • 10c5979 Vagrantfile: Default the ARCH to x86
  • c39f8a2 Vagrantfile: Fixed broken comment.
  • 3f300e3 Improve compilation instructions
  • 529fd70 Fixed markdown, updated copyright year
  • 38b1609 First very rudimentary bootable build on Raspberry Pi (#88)
  • 0d0eb1c Implemented basic compilation support for raspberrypi (#87)
  • 00d1029 Rakefile: Use sh instead of system
  • 54cfe96 Use stdint.h (#86)
  • c73cc7f Removed makefile.template files (#85)
  • 94aa98d Renamed ia32 references to x86 (#84)
  • 6f0f1d1 Added arm toolchain. (#81)
  • 826514b Disable the Rust toolchain for now (#82)
  • 9f7ce32 Adjusted copyrights #2.
  • 30cd8f1 Updated copyright.
  • 3f2677b Use US keyboard by default (#78)
  • 20088bc Maintenance: reformatted keyboard server (#77)
  • fc78828 Updated copyright year (#76)
  • 201475c Removed outdated docs
  • 8e37331 Removed the dead nibbles code
  • dc9a835 Fixed cluido to not make VFS calls when the VFS service is unavailable.
  • b966b7b Reformatted file library.
  • b8e9de8 Updated email address
  • aca89fa Let the dispatcher yield CPU when no thread is currently active.