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@perlun perlun released this
· 50 commits to master since this release
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General release notes

  • Fixed the bootup sequence to actually load cluido properly, from the ramdisk using the boot, virtual_file_system,fat and initial_ramdisk servers together. This item itself is worthy of its own story; I have blogged about it at great length here:
  • Changed bootloader from grub-legacy to GRUB 2, the current version of GNU GRUB. This helped in supporting the next bulletpoint, namely:
  • Made it possible to boot from a USB pen device. Just use cp (on Linux) or Rufus (on Windows) to write the .iso to the proper device and you should be able to boot it. Please, give it a try and share any feedback about this here in our GitHub repo!
  • Added CI building of Docker images on each push to master. Our image can be found here, and you should be able to run it by simply executing docker run -it chaosdev/chaos. (The container uses qemu under the hood, to simulate a physical machine.)


Full Changelog

  • c9c40c0 Release 0.2.0
  • fabf54c [servers/console] Add new activation flag (#137)
  • 8c2955f [ci] Remove gcc 4.9 in the Travis runs
  • f017684 [build] Add support for building Docker images (#136)
  • eab58d6 [servers/pci] Disable PCI setup for 0x8086/0x9d23
  • 4273e7a [servers/pci] Fix for #2
  • f9529cd [servers/fat] Fix support for case flag (#130)
  • c4374db [grub] Increase timeout
  • 0a01202 [servers/fat] #2: Shorten line lengths
  • 8c1b1bf [programs/cluido] Add aliases for list
  • 123afcc [programs/cluido] Minor improvements to wording
  • 55d06d2 [programs/cluido] #2: Fix copyright notices
  • bfa89f4 Run in non-curses mode
  • 813dfa0 [servers/console] Fix console switching bug
  • b4877f8 [grub] Change from grub-legacy to grub-2 (#127)
  • 60ec03f [storm/mailbox] Add reader_thread_id field
  • 0c6040a [servers/video] Fix font setting (#126)
  • b2e6e1a [servers/console] Fix reentrancy issues (#124)
  • acb8b52 process_init: Ensure kernel_tss is zeroed out
  • b5727a4 Bug fix: thread_create should use PL3 stack for thread entry point (#122)
  • ccd3967 Add more details about PL0 stack
  • 01b373d Add GRUB 2 config file
  • 7c965a1 Add support for building on amd64 host (#119)
  • 1ada4b8 Refactored boot server & made it work (#117)
  • 726202c console server: Always activate new consoles being created.
  • ee7a250 cluido: Start at fixed VM address
  • 14cfb0c libraries/execute_elf: Fixed formatting. (#114)
  • e53a022 mutex.h: Invert MUTEX_LOCKED and MUTEX_UNLOCKED values
  • 19f7fd8 Upgrade Rubocop version (#113)
  • 6694090 Map process page tables using magic PD entry (#112)
  • f950f70 qemu-system-i386 should be used
  • 61592c3 debug_crash_screen: Fixed typo.
  • 065c304 Bug fix: The FAT server should handle modern FAT16 volumes (#111)
  • 44a89f9 Misc copyright fixes (#110)
  • efca151 Rake: Recreate the ramdisk image on each rake install (#109)
  • f23b0d1 Fixed typo
  • 452416f docs: Converted the virtual-memory document to Markdown (#108)
  • 0bcbda5 memory_virtual.c: Fixes for #2
  • 936fc4e log server: Disable DEBUG messages by default
  • 97415f4 👮 Linter fix.
  • 3fbcca6 Vagrantfile: Added psmisc
  • 177957d Linker scripts: made it possible to override PROCESS_VM_BASE
  • 0906af6 Vagrantfile: Increased timeout.
  • 5d1cbb5 mailbox.c: Improve on 5f41833
  • 4c5dd1f VFS server: Better error handling, more logging.
  • 3632577 libraries/file: Improved error handling
  • 5f41833 mailbox_receive: Improved debug message when attempting to read message that does not fit.
  • b2bb3f4 menu.lst: Need to start the fat server after the log server.
  • f252bed Workaround for menu.lst caching
  • 3293f21 Re-enable stack growth
  • 5b53db6 libraries/ipc: Cleanups (#98)