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· 5 commits to master since this release
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General release notes

  • For the first time in many years, the modplayer is now back to a functional state again. This, together with the soundblaster server being converted to our Rake-based build (#3), makes it possible to play .mod files in chaos again. 🎉
  • The modplayer was also improved; we added some simple visualizations for each channel during playback. The current instruments being used is also highlighted.

To test this on your local machine, please download the .iso file attached to this release and set up a virtual machine in e.g. VirtualBox with SB16 sound hardware. Once the system is booted, you can start the modplayer by simply typing modplay at the Cluido command prompt. (Unfortunately, the help command doesn't list this yet - will hopefully be fixed in a later release.)

Here is what it looks like in action:

chaos modplayer

  • Some of the more notable PRs worth mentioning:
    • #140: Made the soundblaster server compilable again (it was still using the defunct autochaos for building)
    • #153: Fixed the IPC to not require memory allocation for each message being published. This improves the performance
    • #154: Convert to use hxcmod .mod player engine. This was a great step towards supporting many more modules than previously; our home-made .mod parser was rather incomplete and only worked with a limited subset of .mod files. (Other files would sound ugly or not work at all.)
    • #159: Add .mod visualization in modplay program


Full Changelog

  • 2e5d306 Release 0.3.0
  • c55476f (modplay) Replace ASM94.MOD with 95raver.mod (#171)
  • 1745c27 (modplay) Add more .mod files (#169)
  • 8554a34 (vscode) Add storm remote debug configuration (#168)
  • 8c4df99 (storm) Fix debug_print() handling of large unsigned integers (#166)
  • 994ca63 (cluido) Fix command_execute to support a hardwired PATH (#165)
  • de12259 (pci) Include vendor and device ID in pci_device_info_type (#162)
  • cae9a51 (ci) Add Slack notifications on CI builds.
  • dd0965e Minor #2 fix
  • a53d2e8 [docker] Unbreak build by forcing use of gcc-7
  • 5e24882 [startup] Remove modplay from startup script
  • b5f6d16 Fix Docker Hub building
  • 5742d20 Minor #2 fixes
  • c906dc7 [servers/soundblaster] Use "generic DMA" command for starting playback (#160)
  • 34c15d4 [programs/modplay] Add .mod visualization (#159)
  • c4bb50f [libraries/console][servers/console] Support double-buffering of console output (#158)
  • 7695aba [storm] Minor #2 fixes
  • 0dcbd66 [] Enable SB16 emulation
  • 024d9d2 [programs/modplay] Add more (hardwired) .mod files (#156)
  • c6545c0 [servers/console] Allow the activate flag even when a console is active
  • 5241579 [servers/keyboard] Minor #2 fix
  • e86ba2e Enable unit tests in Travis again (#152)
  • 868f046 [programs/modplay] Convert to use hxcmod .mod engine (#154)
  • 2799a59 [storm] Refactor IPC to use circular queue (#153)
  • 435dbe4 [many] Various #2 fixes
  • d54064f [programs/cluido] Fix typo in allocation clock cycle output
  • a8500a8 [storm] Add kernelfs info about memory allocations & deallocations (#150)
  • 285d800 [libraries/console] Enable printf compile-time checking
  • 0b6240e [servers/boot] Misc fixes
  • 283f940 [programs/cludio] Make 'memory' display global memory stats in KiB
  • 6be2a60 [programs/cluido] Add 'free' as alias for 'memory'
  • 8d16d45 [servers/fat] Fix fat_file_open case bug (#147)
  • 105ba17 [programs/modplay] Move typedefs to header file
  • 0b16e88 [servers/soundblaster] #2 and #3: Fix to be compilable w/ Rake (#140)
  • 14a83f0 [programs/modplay] #2 and #3: Fix modplay to be compilable with Rake (#145)
  • fa4e2e9 [storm/include] #2: Update copyright header
  • 4f8a89f [libraries/sound] Convert to Rake compilation (#143)
  • 69bc1bb [ci] Remove gcc 5 from Travis config (#142)
  • 5ded7a8 [servers/console] Add TODO
  • 6abdd3b [libraries/system] Fix bug in system_call_dma_register (#141)
  • 5cb9adc [grub] Fix server names
  • c8744ac [programs/modplay] Remove modplay binary
  • 151798a [storm] Minor comment fixes
  • 537d504 Remove checksum library
  • 823f998 Reformat log library