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This is a control and Delphi-Extension helping you to design Report-Components for FastReport inside your Delphi. For a quick overview, take a look at this video.


This is a control enabling you to print the content of TRichView on a FastReport.


This is a package designed for some fuzzy and phonetic string comparison algorithms. So far implemented are the following algorithms:

  • DamerauLevenshtein
  • Koelner Phonetik
  • SoundEx
  • Metaphone
  • DoubleMetaphone
  • NGram
  • Dice
  • JaroWinkler
  • NeedlemanWunch
  • SmithWatermanGotoh
  • MongeElkan


IDE Expert for Delphi 2006+ which extends the Delphi help with some useful features.


  • Help via F1 key
  • NEW in Version 1.3: search using the Windows Search
  • NEW in Version 2.0: native search in Google Codesearch
  • NEW in Version 2.0: Extend CustomHelp with your own provider or GUI
  • NEW in Version 2.0: Extended formating of search results
  • NEW in Version 2.0: much more ... just try it
  • Search in all installed Hx namespaces (Microsoft Developer Help) (e.g. Jedi Help)
  • Search for help in the old (*.hlp) Windows help files (e.g. Delphi 7 help)
  • Search in Html-Help (*.chm) Files
  • Search using Index of fulltext
  • NEW in Version 2.1: improved performance


Components for making life easier when using the new Windows 7 Taskbarlist interfaces.


NPipe 1.0

Named Pipe Objects for Delphi [6|7|2005|2006|2007]


  • full featured client and server component for named pipes access
  • enables interprocess communication even within the network
  • for a further description: see the wiki

ResEd 1.6.7

Project Resource Editor for Delphi [2005|2006|2007|2009|2010]


  • full IDE integration
  • easily access and manage the resource files contained in your project
  • adding/deleting/renaming of project resources are just a few clicks away.
  • support for Windows Vista icons
  • for further description: see the wiki

CNA 1.1.6

Component Naming Assistant for Delphi [6|7|2005|2006|2007|2009]


  • full IDE integration
  • easy-to-use dialog for naming components as you drop them on your form
  • auto-initialization with user defined values for most properties

TUOScriptPak 1.1

TUOScriptPak is a extension for the Delphi 2006+ IDE and ships with some script-functions, which can be used in live-templates.


Easy to use solution for loading/saving settings [2006|2007|2009]


  • tree structured settings
  • support of regular expression
  • multiple target formats (Stream, File, XML, ... extendable)
  • cascadeable Settings-Objects
  • for a further description: see the wiki


enables you to switch on/off the three keyboard LEDs

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