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(c) 2015 Carles F. Julià


May be you are like me and love Python and openFrameworks, or maybe you just need to embed a scripting engine and dislike Lua. Lua is nice but Python comes full of batteries.

This addon allows you to embed a Python interpreter into an openFrameworks application, and offers Python bindings to many OF functions, so you can draw from Python code.

This addon uses the common swig bindings for OF.


See Spoiler alert: it's MIT


Drop the folder into the OF/addons/ folder. If your project generator is clever enough it will copy the OF/addons/ofxPython/lib/*.py files into the data/ folder, copy it manually otherwise.

You will need Python (2.7 tested) installed in order to compile your program.


It is now compiling both in Linux64, Windows (Code::Blocks and Visual Studio) and OSX. Generated for OF 0.8.4

###Linux:### Make sure the python-dev package is installed:

$ apt-get install python-dev

###Windows/Visual Studio### The Visual Studio projects assume Python 2.7 is installed in C:\Python27. If you have installed python in a different location, you can set an environment variable named PYTHON with the correct path.

Re-generating the bindings

Install SWIG and run:

$ ./

Known issues

  • Not fully tested


Please do! Open issues, send pull requests etc.