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Openframeworks addon for creating applications using multitouch and tangible technologies via the TUIO protocol.
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ofxTableGestures (formerly OF-TangibleFramework) is an addon of OpenFrameworks to support rich interaction using tabletop and tangible interfaces via the TUIO protocol.

We are changing a lot of code, modernizing and making it more OF-ish. It is incomplete ATM

You will need:
ofxGlobalConfig (
ofx2DFigures (

Compilation hint:
64bit builds have problems with old versions of OscPack (inside ofxOsc). This
makes builds not correctly listening for OSC/TUIO messages.
Just update it using the last version to solve these problems.

This project is currently under heavy development. The underlying code as well as the specific interfaces of
its different parts may change in the future, leaving your project unable to compile unless you keep
the framework in its original state.
Please read future READMEs and CHANGELOGs for backwards compatibility issues.

 Carles F. Julià <>
 Daniel Gallardo <>

This project is released under the MIT license.
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