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2011-07-05 added the Changes file.
1 v0.1.0 - 5 July 2011
2 * now we require at least libdrizzle 1.0, which supports official mysql 5.5+ and is much more stable under load. thanks Taylor Weibley for pushing this. We no longer require patching libdrizzle any more.
4 * fixed a compilation issue on Mac OS X: we should include drizzle.h prior to nginx headers, or we will not get the "bool" type properly installed on Mac OS X.
6 * fixed the spots that trigger -Wunused-but-set-variable by gcc 4.6.
8 * fixed the duplicate last chunk issue: we should not set the last_buf flag ourselves in drizzle_output.c because ngx_http_upstream already sends a last buf for us.
10 * ported over Maxim Dounin's patch for ngx_http_upstream_keepalive connection pool fixes: we should have discarded stale read events for cached tcp connections in the pool.
12 * implemented the new drizzle_status directive to provide connection pool status monitoring capability.
14 * fixed a minor bug in the connection pool: we should resume the "name", "sockaddr", and "socklen" fields for the connection from the pool such that we can get more detailed error log messages with the "upstream: drizzle://" bit.
16 * implemented the $drizzle_thread_id variable which is automatically set when mysql/drizzle times out.
18 * now we use the 2-clause bsd license.
20 * report an error message when upstream name not found for drizzle_pass.
22 * now we implemented the charset option for the "drizzle_server" diredctive which causes ngx_drizzle send "set names xxx" automatcially for every connection to that drizzle server.
24 * added a lot of more documentation.
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