Collection of shell scripts for installing Linux software
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Collection of shell scripts for installing Linux software

I provide an easy in comprehensive way to install software packages on linux. I was tired of checking websites, adding custom ppas or compiling stuff again and again. Thus, in this repo you can find one liner to install the latest version of Python, etc..; just look into the dist/ folder for your specific software.

If you just spent some hours to install a new software, why don't you create an installation script here? Just create a PR and save others' time!


You can install software from the dist/ folder by running following command.

curl -sL | bash -

The files without version numbers always refer to the latest stable versions. Other versions can be installed by specifying the version number in the filename. Please check the dist/ folder which packages and version are available!


  • Ansible: curl -sL | bash -
  • Python: curl -sL | bash -
  • Pip: curl -sL | bash -
  • OpenCV: curl -sL | bash -
  • OpenGL: curl -sL | bash -
  • AntTweakBar: curl -sL | bash -



  • python2.7
  • fabric
  • pyfs

Install the requirements running pip install -r requirements.txt

To generate the dist/ files, please run fab make

The domain is a shortcut and automatically forwards to


This software is provided under the MIT License.