Kidash: A GrimoireLab tool & library to manage Kibana/Kibiter visualizations and dashboards
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kidash Update version number to 0.4.13 Oct 17, 2018


Kidash is a prototype of a tool for managing Kibana dashboards from the command line. It is a part of GrimoireLab.


Get a list of all options with:

$ --help

For the names of the files containing panels definitions (JSON panel files), kidash supports both importing them from local directories, of from the grimoirelab-panels Python package, if installed. In fact, that package is a dependency of kidash, which means that if you installed via pip, it will always be present.

The algorith for finding a JSON panel file is, roughly:

  • If the specified path (such as panels/json/git.json or git.json) is found relative to the local directory, use it.
  • If not found, if the specified path starts with panels/json/, remove that part and look for the panel file in the grimoirelab-panels package.
  • If not found, look for the specified path directly in the grimoirelab-panels package.

For example:

$ --elastic_url-enrich http://localhost:9200 \
  --import git.json

will look for a file git.json in the current directory, and if not found, for git.json in the grimoirelab-panels Python package, if installed.

Source code

The source code is for now a part of GrimoireELK.