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CHAOSS Common Metrics Working Group (Common WG)

Join our Mailing List

This CHAOSS working group is using the general CHAOSS mailing list.

Join our Weekly Calls

The Common Metrics WG meets every other Thursday at 10:00am CT (usually 17:00 CET, check your local time) via Zoom. All are welcome!

For more details, you can read our agenda and meeting minutes document


The Common Metrics Working Group focuses on defining the metrics that are used by both working groups or are important for community health, but that do not cleanly fit into one of the other existing working groups. Areas of interest include organizational affiliation, responsiveness, geographic coverage, and more.

Work To Date

We're just getting started!

Focus Areas

Focus Area Goal
Organizational Affiliation Understand organizational engagement with open source projects.
Geography Understand where open source contributors are distributed around the world.
Responsiveness Understand how quickly a project responds to contributions and engages contributors.



Core Contributors

The criteria for becoming a core contributor is to participate at least once per month over a period of 3 months. Participation could include providing feedback in the weekly meetings, providing feedback on docs, or making other contributions on GitHub (commits / issues). People not participating over a 3 month period may be removed as core contributors.

If you'd like to be on our squad, an easy way to start is by going through the issue list and fixing some. 🎉

All Contributors

Ordered by first name

Andrea Gallo, Brian Proffitt, Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar, Dawn Foster, Georg J.P. Link, John Mertic, Kate Stewart, Matt Germonprez, Sean P. Goggins, Tobie Langel

Are you eligible to be on this list? You are if you helped in any capacity, for example: Filed an issue. Created a Pull Request. Gave feedback on our work. The team will try to update this list monthly, but please open an issue or post on the mailing list if we've missed anyone.

If you find yourself missing, please create a pull request or reach out to a maintainer. We started to maintain this list after starting the working group and are likely missing some of you. If you find yourself listed here and want to be removed, please create a pull request or ask a maintainer.

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