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Attendees Demographics

Question: How diverse and inclusive are the attendees?


Attendee demographics help indicate the potential for different viewpoints and broader perspectives at an event.


Determine if attendees are from diverse backgrounds. Determine if the diversity is shared across different event spaces like sessions and tracks. Help retain attendees from diverse backgrounds for future events.



  • demographics: Some subjective questions should be analyzed in light of the responder’s demographics. Everyone has a different perspective. Investigating the responses for each group of demographics can indicate whether some demographics feel less included than the average.
  • Keynotes, sessions, and tracks

Data Collection Strategies

  • Interview attendees to understand more about why the event did or did not meet their diversity and inclusion expectations.

    • Interview question: What can this event do to improve the diversity and inclusion at this event?
    • Interview question: What are some examples of how this event met, exceeded, or fell short of your diversity and inclusion expectations?
  • Survey speakers and attendees to learn to what extent the event met their diversity and inclusion expectations. Sample questions include:

    • Likert scale [1-x] item (ask all attendees): How well did the event meet your diversity and inclusion expectations?
    • Likert scale [1-x] item (ask all attendees): How was your diversity and inclusion experience at this event?
  • Quantify the demographics of attendees.

    • Use registration data for attendee demographics (if available).
    • Use a survey to gather attendee demographics. (For example, using the Open Demographics questions)



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