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CHAOSS Evolution Working Group

Table of Contents



The goal of the Evolution working group is to develop metrics to assess the lifecycle of the open source projects.


Evolution is a working group focused on the lifecycle of open source projects. We do not valence the stages but seek to build awareness of those stages among consumers of these metrics. The decline can be ok when a project's utility is waning; or terrible if 20% of the entire internet relies on that project. Context matters, and we are not the arbiters of your context. The "valence" of "good/bad" emerges from use cases and YOUR context.

Who should join this working group?

All contributors are welcome to participate in the Evolution Working Group. The areas of interest include Code Development Activity, Code Development Efficiency, Code Development Process Quality, Issue Resolution, and Community Growth.


Formerly known as the Growth Maturity and Decline Working Group. This working group focuses on activity metrics.


How to Join Us?

You can start by joining and introducing yourself on the CHAOSS mailing list explaining your interest.

Further, you are welcome to participate in our video conferences. The details of these meetings can be found here

Read the agenda and meeting minutes to know the discussions of the previous meetings and find out more about the next one.

As a contributor, you can help us keep our community open and inclusive. We request you to adhere to the guidelines mentioned in the CHAOSS Community: Code of Conduct


See the for more information.


Metrics Focus Areas

The evolution metrics dealt with in this working group are organized in focus areas:

Focus Area Goal
Code Development Activity Learn about the types and frequency of activities involved in developing code.
Code Development Efficiency Learn how efficiently activities around code development get resolved.
Code Development Process Quality Learn about the processes to improve/review quality that are used (for example: testing, code review, tagging issues, tagging a release, time to response, CII Badging).
Issue Resolution Identify how effective the community is at addressing issues identified by community participants.
Community Growth Identify the size of the project community and whether it is growing, shrinking, or staying the same.

Please note that the work in the focus areas is still in progress.

Released Metrics

We are involved in the release of CHAOSS metrics. Check out our published work at

The translations of these metrics are available at chaoss/translations



Please feel free to contact our chairs in case you require any sort of assistance.

Amazing CHAOSS Project Contributors

We greatly appreciate our contributors at CHAOSS and look forward to your joining us as well. All CHAOSS Project contributors are listed here

Are you eligible to be on this list? You are if you helped in any capacity, for example: Filed an issue. Created a Pull Request. Gave feedback on our work. The team will try to update this list regularly, but please open an issue or post on the mailing list if we've missed anyone.


The documents in this repository are released under the MIT License. See LICENSE file.

Copyright © 2021 - CHAOSS, a Linux Foundation Project


Working Group focused on Evolution metrics (for software development projects)



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