Working Group focused on Growth-Maturity-Decline metrics and software
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What is this working group about?

Growth, Maturity and Decline is a working group focused on the lifecycle of open source projects. We do not valence the stages, but seek to build awareness of those stages among consumers of these metrics. Decline can be ok when a project's utility is waning; or terrible if 20% of the entire internet relies on that project. Context matters, and we are not the arbiters of your context. The "valence" of "good/bad" emerges from use cases and YOUR context.

This is a CHAOSS working group, focused on the Growth-Maturity-Decline metrics category. Its aim is to coordinate the definition of the metrics, and the production of software for implementing them, in this area.

This group meets every Wednesday at 11am CST. Connection Information and minutes from previous meetings are located here.

Focus areas for this working group include metrics related to ;

  1. Growth Maturity and Decline
  1. Risk
  2. Value

How to participate

You can start by introducing yourself on the CHAOSS mailing list (see below) explaining your interest. Then, you can have a look at the archives of the mailing lists, at the minutes of past meetings, and at the

Then, of course you can participate in the mailing list, in online meetings, and in issues and pull requests. Mailing lists can be subscribed to here.

Currently, main lines of work are:

  • Use cases. Proposal and discussion of use cases that help to understand metrics in context. You can propose your use cases, and/or contribute to refine those that have been proposed already.

  • Focus areas (definitions, goals, questions). Currently, in the [definition of GMD metrics] we strucuture it in the following focus areas: Issue Resolution, Code Development, and Community Growth.

For each area of interest, we're following the goal-question-metric methodology defining questions and metrics that help to answer them.

You can contribute by proposing new goals for a focus area, or new questions for learning about those goals, or new metrics for answering those questions. Or by helping to refine goals, and questions.


We meet every Wednesday at 11am CDT (usually 18:00 CET, but beware different switches to Summer time in EU and US, check your local time) in the CHAOSS Zoom room (Meeting ID for dial in: 720 431 288)

Usually, we try to make decissions mainly during the last meeting of each month, so that decisions can be brought when convenient to the monthtly main CHAOSS meeting, which is the first meeting of each month. In all the meetings we may have an agenda, but random issues can be raised if time allows, after we're done with the agenda. Whenever possible, and specially if a decission needs to be made, ensure that issues / pull requests about the subject matter were opened some time before the meeting, so that anyone had the opportunity of commenting on them, and make up their mind about that subject matter.

Exceptions (these days there will be no meeting): none for now

Meeting Notes are available for past meetings.

Mailing list

We use the CHAOSS mailing list. Please prefix the message subject with [wg-gmd] if it is specific to this working group.

Relationship with the chaoss/metrics repository

This is a repository for the GMD working group. When this working group decides to "release" a version of its metrics, the relevant files will be dupmped to the chaoss/metrics repository, as a pull request for updating the CHAOSS metriccs with "GMD metrics release x.y".