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Chaos Platform - Chaos Engineering Platform for Everyone

Version License StackOverflow

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This is the Chaos Platform main project.

  • WARNING*: This is an alpha release so expect things to get rocky and break for now. We are heavily working on it although the API should remain stable. Please, join the slack to keep the discussion alive :) Thank you for being patient with us!

Install & Run

Documentation is being written so the instructions here are for the courageous.

  • Install Python 3.6+. No promises are made for lower versions.
  • Create a Python virtual environment
  • Install pip
  • Install Redis via a simple Docker image
$ docker run --rm --name redis -p 6379:6379 redis
  • Install the Chaos Platform
$ pip install --pre -U chaosplatform
  • Create a chaosplatform.toml configuration file:
debug = false

    address = ""

    address = ""
    secret_key = ""

        environment = "production"
        proxy = "http://localhost:6080"

    type = "simple"

        # Only set if type is set to "redis"
        # [chaosplatform.cache.redis]
        # host = "localhost"
        # port = 6379

    uri = "sqlite:///:memory"

    secret_key = ""
    public_key = ""
    algorithm = "HS256"
    identity_claim_key = "identity"
    user_claims_key = "user_claims"
    access_token_expires = 2592000
    refresh_token_expires = 31536000
    user_claims_in_refresh_token = false


            client_id = ""
            client_secret = ""

            address = ""


            address = ""

        host = "localhost"
        port = 6379
        queue = "chaosplatform"

        platform_url = ""

        debug = false
        count = 3
        queue_name = "chaosplatform"
        worker_name = "chaosplatform-worker"
        add_random_suffix_to_worker_name = true
        worker_directory = "/tmp"

        host = "localhost"
        port = 6379
  • Run the Chaos Platform:
$ chaosplatform run --config=chaosplatform.toml

For now, the platform is GUI-less so needs to be called bia its API.


Contributors to this project are welcome as this is an open-source effort that seeks discussions and continuous improvement.

From a code perspective, if you wish to contribute, you will need to run a Python 3.5+ environment. Then, fork this repository and submit a PR. The project cares for code readability and checks the code style to match best practices defined in PEP8. Please also make sure you provide tests whenever you submit a PR so we keep the code reliable.

The Chaos Platform projects require all contributors must sign a Developer Certificate of Origin on each commit they would like to merge into the master branch of the repository. Please, make sure you can abide by the rules of the DCO before submitting a PR.


The Chaos Engineering platform for everyone








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