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gtfisher and russmiles add Home page for demo App (#38)
This includes some links and references to ChaosIQ Resources and some Tweet links
Added option to run from python locally
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The Chaos Toolkit Community Playground

The goal of this project is to creat a collection of sample applications and accompanying setups and sample experiments to demonstrate how to use the Chaos Toolkit to surface evidence of system weaknesses as well as then usew those same experiments to form the basis of a Continuous Chaos environment where the experiments have graduated into becoming chaos tests.

This project exists to provide a place where the Chaos Toolkit community can share their experiments and collectively show how we can all collaborate on choas engineering while targetting a selection of samples that are likely to grow in complexity over time. Rather than lock a collection of samples and experiments away in different repos, this project will be wholly owned and evolved by the community to showcase real-world experiments against sample applications that we'll also try to make as real as possible.

Get Involved!

The Chaos Toolkit's mission is to provide an open API to chaos engineering in all its forms. As such, we encourage and welcome you to join our open community Slack team to discuss and share your experiments and needs with the community as well as adding those here too! You can also use StackOverflow to ask any questions regarding using the Chaos Toolkit or Chaos Engineering.

If you'd prefer not to use Slack then please consider raising GitHub issues on this repo for any questions, requests, or discussions around the existing samples and what you might like to see instead.

Relationship to Learning Chaos Engineering

The book "Learning Chaos Engineering" by Russ Miles and publicshed by O'Reilly Media also draws upon the samples in this repository, although the code here will likely continue to be evolved by the community beyond the publication of the book.

Sample Application Index

The following sample applications and accompanying experiments are provided in this project:

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