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[ARCHIVED] ChaosHub - Your Chaos Engineering Control Plane
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Home of the Chaos Hub Open-Source Project

Chaos Hub

Welcome to the Chaos Hub, the Open Source web dashboard for collaborative Chaos Engineering. The project is sponsored by ChaosIQ and licensed under the AGPLv3+.

Chaos Hub stands on the shoulders of the Chaos Toolkit to provide a complete, user-friendly, platform to automate and collaborate on your Chaos Engineering and Resiliency efforts.

Requirements Status

Get Started

The Chaos Hub is a simple web application which can run locally, follow the next guides to get your environment ready.

  • Setup: Make sure you have all the required dependencies ready to run the Chaos Hub
  • Install: Install the Chaos Hub in your environment
  • Configure: Learn how you may configure the Chaos Hub to run it according to your needs
  • Status: Consider reviewing the current status of the project to fully appreciate how far you may go with it

Run your own Chaos Hub

All the fun now starts!

  • Launch: Run the Chaos Hub
  • Use: Learn how to use the Chaos Hub

Contribute to the Chaos Hub

The Chaos Hub is a free and open source project. Feel free to collaborate and contribute to it.

  • Contribute: Contribute to the Chaos Hub
  • License: Review what it means for your contributions that the Chaos Hub is under the AGPLv3+ license
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