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Backup of DeadPeopleTileset for CDDA, by SDG
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This is just a backup of the DeadPeopleTileset, originally by @SomeDeadGuy. As it's no longer available in the Cataclysm DDA repo itself, only the primary tileset is included, as the UndeadPeopleEdition was solely a development tileset named to not compete with the version in CDDA's repository, and was otherwise identical to the version preserved here.

Also preserved are the optional GUI-altering mods specific to the original repo, the Russian and German translations of SDG's original readme, and the content list.

I might, MIGHT, one day resume spriting myself to keep this up to date, if I find myself less busy. We'll see.

Original readme content follows.

Tileset based on work by Xotto, but heavily edited and expanded. Frequent updates with main game additions, mod support.

Was originally designed to be used with mod for character customization

Also check out this mod, for further character customization

Description -

Tattoo Mod itself -

Install mods in "mods" folder with tileset to change interface. Theese mods can be plugged in in mid game also, no errors will happen.

DeadPeople_Chesthole - GUI from Chesthole Tileset

DeadPeople_Xotto - GUI from Xotto Tileset

DeadPeople_Hybrid - mixed GUI

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