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Single header implemenations of Vulkan and D3D12 renderers


  • Single header for Vulkan renderer
  • Single header for D3D12 renderer
  • Texture upload + mipmap generation (better quality resizer coming soon)
  • Simplified API shared between both renderers
  • C style structs
  • Support for Vulkan layers
  • Configurable swapchain multi-sample
  • Configurable swapchain imagecount
  • Configurable swapchain depth/stencil attachment
  • Samples using Cinder and GLFW
    • GLFW
      • Works for both Vulkan and D3D12 - renderer takes over after window handle is obtained
      • Image loading done via lc_image
  • ...more to come soon


  • Windows only for the moment
  • Vulkan renderer will work with C/C++
  • D3D12 render requires C++
  • Microsoft's C compiler doesn't support certain C11/C99 features, such as VLAs (so alot of awkward array handling)
  • tinyvk/tinydx is written for experimentation and fun-having - not performance
  • For simplicity, only one descriptor set can be bound at once
    • In D3D12, this means two descriptor heaps (CBVSRVUAVs and samplers)
    • For Vulkan shaders the 'set' parameter for 'layout' should always be 0
    • For D3D12 shaders the 'space' parameter for resource bindings should always be 0
  • Vulkan like idioms are used primarily with some D3D12 wherever it makes sense
  • For Vulkan, host visible means both HOST VISIBLE and HOST COHERENT
  • Bring your own math libraary
  • Development was done on Cinder but renderers are not limited to it

Compiling and Linking

In one C/C++ file that #includes the renderer's header file, do this:

#include "tinyvk.h"


#include "tinydx.h"