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Plane-Based Optimization of Geometry and Texture for RGB-D Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes
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This is the repo for the 3DV2018 paper:

  title={Plane-Based Optimization of Geometry and Texture for RGB-D Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes},
  author={Wang, Chao and Guo, Xiaohu},
  booktitle={2018 International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV)},

This repo list relevant source codes and supplemental materials including video and result models for the paper.

Here is the video for the paper:

Plane opt video

Plane extraction code

Part of the source codes about plane detection is listed here:

1. RGB-D plane detection on frames

Code and relevant reference can be found here:

2. Plane detection on a mesh

Source code can be downloaded here:

Code refers to this paper:

  title={Surface approximation via asymptotic optimal geometric partition},
  author={Cai, Yiqi and Guo, Xiaohu and Liu, Yang and Wang, Wenping and Mao, Weihua and Zhong, Zichun},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Visualization \& Computer Graphics},

Please cite it and the 3DV2018 paper if you want to use the code.

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